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any ideas?

Nov 28, 2015
what do you guys want to see in the future updates? This includes pvp, questing, gardening, fishing. Heck may even the chat system.

Jan 25, 2015
I don't know if this is asking for too much, but I would love to see new names, hair options and new eyes in the character creation process. And if people don't have room for more wizards, then there would be an option for a "make over" in the crowns shop, or there could be a store in the shopping district for this.

Jan 25, 2015
The "make over" option could be for people who have wizards they wanna change things like names, eyes, skin color and basically anything cosmetic except the novice robes that you get when you create your wizards; I don't feel that there's a need for that.

Feb 28, 2014
1. I'd like to see Teleport hubs in Wizard city, teleport hub station in Jade Palace; Mooshu. Since daily assignments entered the game, it's very time consuming to travel to the other end of those 2 worlds just for one quest. Another teleport hub can be useful in Crustacean Empire; Celestia. Several times I had a quest that would take me to the other end the that area and the nearest teleport hub is 300- 400 steps which made Crustacean Empire so long that I got bored. 2. Add change hair color and style in the Dye Shop; Shopping District. 3. Emoji to the chat system; etc... It's often that players add lol or :) before sending messages so it's not taken the wrong way.

May 16, 2009
A Moon School rework, mostly on the polymorphs, and more Shadow Spells are what I'm looking out for.

Apr 29, 2012
I would like emojis for the chat system to bring the chat system alive. Make conversations entertaining we need the laughing emoji especially.

Jun 15, 2012
These are just a few minor things that I would think would improve the game.

  • The option to change your appearance (and possibly even player name). Let's face it, if you've been playing for 5 years like I have, you probably regret the name/appearance you chose.
  • More dorms. Similar to how Ravenwood has it's own dorm, I would like for some of the other worlds to have something like this as well.
  • More crowns shop gear. If there is a dedicated section in the crowns shop for gear, there should be more than just low-level gear.
  • More content for Wysteria.

- Matthew LotusShard, Level 76 Wizard