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ANOTHER wizard with ideas for 8 pip spells

Jul 21, 2009
I am probaly the millionth person to give ideas for 8 pip spells, but i was bored and made these. Feel free to give any objections or comments.




STORM-Tornado- Cloudes emerge over field and a tornado comes from clouds. does 700-790 storm damage to opponents.
As a bonus effect it absorbs all blades from opponents and gives them to you.

ICE-Avalanche- A mountain emerges from field and a avalanche of snow falls on all opponents. Does 550-640 and puts a -25%
damage shield on all allies

FIRE-Eruption- A valcano appears from field and erupts. spews lava and magma rocks on all enemies, doing 680-770 to all
enemies. Ash left over leaves all enemies with a minus 45% accuracy.


LIFE-Vine Storm- Many vines burst from field hurting all enemies by 560-650. The vines blossom and realese pollon healing
all allies by 400 health.

MYTH-Legendary Army- an army of myth creatures(minotaurs, Cyclopses, and the such) pop out of air from your side of field
(like scorpian) and attack one enemie for 780-870

DEATH-Apocylipse- The god of death comes from from a black hole in the ground and steals 650 health from all opponents
and coverts 1/4 of the total damage done to all enemies to health for all allies.


BALANCE-Wyrkrim- A wyrkrim pops out of field and attacks one opponent for 750 Global Damage(meaning it will use any school trap,
NOT any school blade, only balance blades)


Well, thats all of them hope you like.
P.S.- feel free to say balance one is bad idea
P.S.S- for example with death move, you do 650 damage to 4 opponents,
(650x4=2600 damage) and 1/4 of that damage is converted to health and given to all allies.(2600/4=650 health to all allies)

Luke Darkblood, Level 50 Grandmaster Necromancer

Jun 25, 2008
wow finally a reasonable 8 pip spells nice ideas maybe they will use these

Jul 21, 2009
zappyzach wrote:
wow finally a reasonable 8 pip spells nice ideas maybe they will use these

Thanks, glad you like them. I have been thinking about it, and i should prob lay down rules for the wyrkrim card. Just so no one complains balance still has too much power, i was thinking it would only be able to use one trap from a trap set. For example, you lay down a spirit trap, then use wyrkrim. it WILL NOT use all 3 traps, it will use one.(which one depends on the rule of how they are laid down) But in the case of blades, it will only use balance ones.

Luke Darkblood, Level 50 Grandmaster Necromancer

Mar 02, 2009
Those are some of the better suggestions i've seen. Nice spell ideas!