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Another New KingsIsle title?

Apr 25, 2012
Perhaps I'm a bit crazy but I would like to suggest a new title for KingsIsle. Now i'm no game developer but here's my rant. I would like a new title, The name, "Medieval 101" there will be 7 classes, Crusader, Mage, Highway Man, Tower Knight, Huntsman, Vampire, and Rouge. The Crusader will have Knightly Armor, and carry a longsword armor giving him health, and sword giving him damage but restricting his speed, his skills could consist of (Basic) Slash, Deep Cut, and Stun Strike and when he is a higher level (Advanced) Sadistic Slice, Killing Blow, Deaths Blade, The Mage would wear a Dark Robe bearing magical attacks, little health, and healing abilities, skills consisting of (Basic) Fire Blast, Relentless Storm, Heartbeat (Heartbeat being a healing spell healing between 25-125 hp, and then later (Advanced) Hail Storm, Toxic Rain, Resurrect (resurrect being a revival spell on 1 target) Blood Pump (Healing spell that can heal for 4000-8000 HP), The Highway Man being a Handsome young man wearing bandanna and a T-Shirt with some torn trousers having medium health and high damage attacks, his skills could consist of (Basic) Flesh Wound, Drastic Measures (A strategic skill increasing his dodge by 4) Point Blank, and then (Advanced) Third Degree, Flail, .45 (.45 being his more futuristic pistol causing major damage to all enemies. Tower Knight, will have VERY heavy armor giving him EXTREMELY high health but causing VERY minor damage, a support character if you will, He will have skill such as (Basic) Guard (Allowing the guarding of one team member) Crush, Defense Buff (allowing the buff of the defense of all his allies), and then (Advanced) Tower Guard (allowing the guard of all teammates) Relentless Blows, Extreme Defense (buffing all allies defense MAJORLY). Huntsman, This character garbed with the skin of a wolf, carrying a long Flintlock rifle having medium health and doing medium damage, his skills consist of (Basic) Sniper Shot, Shank, Camouflage (increasing his dodge by disguising himself as the shrubbery around him), then (Advanced) Tracking Dart, Wolfs Cry (calling animals to aid the heroes) Bear Trap (any enemies that attack him for the round will take damage whilst still giving him some damage). Rouge, A hooded character with little health, dealing high damage, His skills could consist of (Basic) Quick Stab, Lunge, Tonic ( Essentially a health potion healing for 45-50) then (Advanced) Sneak (Increasing his dodge by 85), Lunatic Stab, Stand your ground (rally all allies increasing defense by 50). Vampire, a pale character that has betrayed what he/she knew of his family and came to help the heroes, garbed with dark clothing, and a dashing bow tie this character gains boosts in darker areas, and minor debuffs in the light, having light health and dealing EXTREME damage, His skills will consist of (Basic) Life Steal (stealing 70-80 life from an enemy) Summon Undead, Fang, then (Advanced) Soul Steal (stealing 5000-6000 life) Summon death god....

Apr 10, 2013
This seems like a brilliant idea, and believe me when I say your not the only one who wants another Kingsisle title. Hopefully Kingsisle will take this under serious consideration.

Jan 27, 2010
I have an idea for a game too!
The idea is Ninja101.

Mar 10, 2015
I feel like king isle laughing at your suggestion because of how bad they did with pirate101. People need to understand only reason wizard became popular was because of the Harry Potter craze. Unless something like that is to happen most of such games would fail. Hence why pirate101 publicity is so low to people who watch pirates of the carabien.