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Ancient Bundle

Sep 20, 2009
Ancient Bundle:
Cost: $39
- Pharaoh's Royal Castle, along with a pyramid that may contain secret treasures!*
- Permanent Desert Camel Mount (2 persons)
- Hook and Flail Wand suitable for all levels.**
- Cat of the Goddess pet that you can hatch from an egg, feed snacks, play games with, train, and do battle with.***
- Pharaoh's Royal Tier suitable for all levels whether your a wizard or witch.****
- One month subscription or 5000 crowns.
- An additional housing slot (above the normal limit of 3)

* Castle Description:
The outside is a beautiful desert, featuring sand dunes, palm trees, an oasis, and plants. One rope bridge brings you to the royal castle. Two statues of the great god Ra guards the temple door, and columns upon columns of limestone, painted with hieroglyphs, support the foundation. Once you go inside the castle, you will find four rooms, two on your right and two on your left. Each room is equal sized, and at the back is a large limestone staircase. Up the staircase, you will find the throne room! Inside the throne room, their are no walls, only columns. A large marble throne is placed at the far end, along with godly statues. From your throne room, you can enter the master bedroom, along with views of the rest of your property! On another island, is the Pyramid. Inside the pyramid, you will go deep underground, or high above ground. Underground, you will find the Pharaoh's Tomb! Inside the tomb, is a locked sarcophagus, filled with treasures! If you go up, you will find empty rooms you can decorate yourself! If you want, you can even have a roof top access! This is certainly a house for a king or queen!

** Wand Example Tier 5: (you can choose from 6 tiers)
- Gives 1 Power Pip
- Gives 7 Mummify Spells (Life, 100%, 0 Pips, 110 Life Hit)

*** Pet Example All Levels:
- Gives 1 Krokomummy Spell at Baby
- May cast Judgement Spell at Epic
(Note: When your pet reaches Epic, you will have a Krokomummy you can use when you want. Then, if you reach the maximum amount of pips, your pet will automatically cast a Judgement spell on the next round.)

**** Clothing Example Tier 5: (you can choose from 6 tires)
Pharaoh's Unified Crown (includes a fake Egyptian Pharaoh's beard on chin)
+150 Health
+5% Boost
+4% Resist
+3% Accuracy
+8% Power Pip
Gives 1 Dryad Spell
Level 40+ Only

Pharaoh's Royal Tunic
+215 Health
+7% Boost
+8% Resist
+3% Accuracy
+8% Power Pip
Gives 1 Elemental Blast Spell
Level 40+ Only

Pharaoh's Desert Sandals
+110 Health
+3% Boost
+1% Accuracy
Give 1 Hex Spell
Level 40+ Only

May 02, 2009
let me start of by saying that i love the idea of a krokotopian theme bundle but you need to alaberate on the outfit/wands(they can't all have the same stats) and could you give a brief perograph on the looks of the pharoah's royal castle.

Jul 12, 2009
A palace in the desert...hmmmm.... Oh yeah. Sultans Palace.
How about we do all themes before we circle back around to similar ideas?

Feb 17, 2011
this is to much lie the sultuns palace one but still ... they should make some more packs i think one based off of ms may be good

i would be called the spiret pack(off topice ) sry bout being off topice back there

Sep 20, 2009
magicintheair wrote:
A palace in the desert...hmmmm.... Oh yeah. Sultans Palace.
How about we do all themes before we circle back around to similar ideas?

Sultan's palace isn't based on Egyptian culture.