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An Idea for a world and commeants on updates

Mar 31, 2009
I was really looking foward to playing in grizzle hime, but honestly it was a letdown. I have said in an other post that there should be a world just for grandmasters. Also a spell after you conplete this world . I think it should be based off of greek mytholgy and a god of each class gives you a powerful spell for grandmasters. Excample death hades a spell that takes 1000 and gives 500, fire helios and it does 1000 damage to a target ect. These spells could be changed to be more or less damage. You can have the comons as a large pavillon with temples for all the gods and that is where you get your quest. There will be a guide to tell you where to go if needed and give you your first few quests. The chalange of this world is to defeat all the other titans ( like malistare tried to sumon the dragon titan the greek titans. on your way you will meet several greek heroes such as hercules, and persus. This is just a wild bull idea but I think that many many people would enjoy it. I heard about wizard101 at school and 9 out of 10 people played and loved it. Guess what they all became grandmasters got bored and quit. I am the only one who still plays and I am a death grandmaster and am starting to get tired of walking around farming and helping people. For those who dont know what farming is it is fighting a boss over and over to get an item.

Your Friend,
Blake Strong Stone