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An idea for a world after Celestia

Jun 25, 2010

Great idea!
How about this though:
*The Spiral teleporter will be in the Oval Office in the White House
*The humans will not notice you as they walk pass (even if your riding on a dragon :P)
*You can get side quests from the humans too (but they'll say stuff like, "My brother is going crazy, he keeps talking on about Ninja Pigs!", or "My dog dissapeared mysteriously... can you help me find him?")
*You can get normal Earth plants here, or normal Earth pets (like dogs and cats) and maybe normal Earth mounts (like cars in America, camels in Egypt, elephants in India, stuff like that)
*Typical Earth houses and furniture (like television sets and and fancy colored candles)

Jun 04, 2009
Safari I like that idea, and I got my own idea for a new world I haven't thought of a name but its a world where all the monsters around the spiral live and work and when you get there you turn into a monster that you like and the monsters help you and give you quests. And for the spiral door to the earth world i think it should be in the Washington Monument.
Dylan Firegem

Dec 27, 2009
I was thinking maybe the next world could be a split world. If you are an elemental caster ( Fire, Ice, Storm) you will be sent to one half of the world. If you are a spirit caster ( Myth, Death, Life) you will be sent to the other half. The two sides are enemies and the wizards sent to each half are trying to end the war. Balance can choose which side of the world they want to help. For the first half of your mission you are trying to end the war. The second half after you get peace between the lands you need to try to beat the dictator that is trying to take over both lands with his great army.

Jul 17, 2010
i think it should be a world of food possibly where the gobblers came from and we should have to fight what drove them out of the land (possibly a giant gobbler that wants to eat the world or the gobbler king's brother.)

Dec 21, 2009
I think there should be:

A balance world
A storm world
A myth world
A fire world
A life world
A death world
An ice world.
Note:KI it may take a few months to make but its a good idea.
Best part about it is your main school is the world you get to go to.
Example: Death school goes to a death world and life goes to life and so on.
You then meet the school teacher there and get your first quest. But be warned, the worlds will be hard to beat, for the enemies will be mostly the school you are. The bosses in order could be storm, ice, balance, death, fire, then myth. (example of Storm school world) The last boss would be the opposite school you are. (in acception of balance world being a myth,death, or life boss at the end)
Then have a final world after the school worlds where you fight morganth and had 5 dungeons until you get to fight her dungeon.
But first you would need to get the first dungeon by having Waterworks and Wintertusk done and get the quest from Grandmother Raven.
The level cap will then be removed so you can go to level 70, then you would just follow through.

What the worlds would look like:

Life: A jungle filled with lots of plants and flowers. People would be farmers

Death: A Barron wasteland with thorns and a big flowery tree that once was a dead tree. [People would be people dressed like the reaper and death

Myth: A Floating island (not really floating but held by a big minotaur) that has been ruled by trolls and Cyclops (just like Cyclops Lane) People are friendly Cyclops and trolls who arent affected by a mysterious wave that made them go mad.

Fire: A place that has volcanos popping out of nowhere and burning everything. Burning trees and buildings make it look perfect for a fire wizard. People are Fire demons who try to save their family but cant because they are trapped in a big cave that cant catch on fire.

Ice: The Himalayan mountains with loads of snow and snow covored mountains. People are Yetties and a colossus who needs to save his race from extinction

Storm: A genorated city that runs on solar power, but the sun has been covored by an eclipse that lasts forever from Balestrom's evil twin brothers ray gun that makes the moon align with the sun until its destroyed.
People are Zeus and Triton who help you along the way to stom the evil twin.

Balance: Unknown due to identical world like krokotopia. fill in balance world if you like.

new cards:

Storm:Hurricane, does 150 per pip and gives one storm blade.

Fire: Volcano Erruption, does 700-810 and does does 150 a round for 3 rounds

Ice: Snowball crush, does 500 and stuns target for a round and taunts.

Life: Life monster, does 600-720 plus a brilliant light

Balance: Sandman, does 500 to all enemies and gives Balance blade to caster

Death: The dark knight, Does 600 Steal health attack to all enemies, gives half health to caster

Myth: ideas?

Please take a look KI and tell me what you think.

Jun 13, 2009
It looks like they still have a lot of stuff left to do. From what i see, there comparing the worlds they make to animals, places, or stuff we see/do everyday.
Wizard city- I think is either a human world, or everything world.
Krokotopia- I think thats a bit of a reptile world.
Marleybone- I think thats a domestic animals world mabye? With the cats/dogs
Mooshu-I compared it to farm animals. It matches up.
Dragonspyre- Dragons & humans.
Celestia-Its a world of sea critters.

They still have A LOT to do, I like the jungle idea, Mabye that just be a huge floating island someone discovered looking for more CL artifacts. Then the guy that was looking for artifacts goes missing, so we go look for him and find the jungle. The enimies, snakes, tigers, leopards, birds mabye, (not like ravens from grizzleheim), rhinos, take a few of our friends captive, and there trying to wipe out there enimies, apes/gorrilias/mokeys and possibly turtles, (they help us find our friends and defeat them.)
The space idea is cool to, Mabye that can be after CL, with the whole stars/moon/sun thing, there can be a Space station where each wizard visits stars, moons, or the sun to learn more about the school. Aliens could be the enimies, they may be trying to take over the schools of magic to, so we got to stop them.
Mabye theres a world where you can go back in time to all of the worlds, like wizard city before malistare went evil, or krokotopia before the kroks attacked, mabye marleybone before they started building modern day stuff, or mooshu before the ninja pigs came to be about, and my most favorite idea, dragonspyre before the dragon titan nearly destroyed the world (Pretty DS ), and Celestia before it sank to the bottom of the sea.
I like the idea of having a world where stuff that is impossible, is possible. It would be tricky, I have no idea to what enimies would be, or what alies we would have. Just a thought
Mabye we could have worlds that only certain schools go to, like a ice world, a storm world, a fire world, etc.
Also the level cap increased to, Lots of stuff. :D

Dec 04, 2009
I think you should send your idea to kingisle and then they could figure out the gaps. anyway, nice idea

Nov 25, 2010
I think when morganthe escapes she goes to her husband wusk bloodtamer in topiar. They talk about ways to ambush wizard city then morganthe says " let's destroy wizard city's magic ". Too months later there's a strange sickness spreading and merle wants you to get to the bottom of it. He sends you to topiar because merle had set up a peace treaty with wusk bloodtamer the king of topiar . 6 months earlier morganthe declared war on wizard city for land but they never fought and merle had ordered a peace treaty. When you arrive to topiar its dark nasty smell in the air, you feel the darkness and dead bodies scouted every where all of sudden you hear a sound . Wusk and his army ambushes you they are strong so you surrender they take you to jail. Then a kid name juriar frees you and guides you to freedom along the way you discover morganthe was the one who spreaded the disease. In the way you also found antidotes and new gear to fight the topian's at the end you fight wusk and morganthe escapes again.

we'll thanks for reading, I hope kingsisle use this for wizard101

Jun 16, 2011
Poseidon88121 wrote:
Ooh how about a jungle themed world :D and then we could finally figure out where Sir Reginald Baxby came from . The monsters could be armored rhinos, snakes, tigers, and even elephants that look like oni. The final boss could be this poacher guy with a crazy idea to enslave animals take over the world then have the animals for trophies yet leave some for guards. Oh and the main person directing you through the world would have to be Sir Reginald Baxby.

And dont forget there is also going to be the world where professor greyrose and the gobblers came from, and i doubt halston balestrom is from marleybone or celestia so who knows whats in store.

Sean Ironflame Lvl 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer
Sean Stormblade Lvl 30 Magus Diviner
I love that idea