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an idea for a new elixir addition update

Jul 12, 2016
you know how there are elixirs in the crown shop that provide effects that last a set measurement of time? I have an idea for one that I think the game could use: maybe there should be a double or triple pet experience elixir that speeds up how fast a pet levels up; because sometimes when I help other wizards with things they say they need a partner to do with, I kind of have seen/heard them complain about how long it takes to level up their pet; so I think this elixir would be a good item for the crown shop to start selling; because I might not be the only one who will start getting even more enjoyment out of wizard101 than they already do once this addition to it is made.

note: the making of this update is not demanded, but it is recommended. because as a giant fan of wizard101, the bigger the popularity of it is, the happier I'm gonna be