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An Idea for a New Bundle

Mar 08, 2009
Before I go on, I came up with this idea when I saw the Super Bundle arrived to the spiral. Well, this might not be used (it wasn't really intended for that purpose, but whatever lol) but I just wanted to share with all you guys, for fun. (Yes, this might not get the best feedback, but I do agree some things should be changed a bit)

Well here it is:

Extreme Bundle (Couldn't think of a good name)

It would have Pompeii (the name escapes my mind, please correct me if I'm wrong) looking clothing, the stats (err, well I can't think of any at the moment lol)

The pet would be one of the lava dragons from DS, with fiery eyes and tail.

The weapon would be a lava scythe, stats (yet again, can't think of any atm)

The mount would be a magma lion, though it would have a different structure than of the Wizard101 lion. Can be 2 passanger.

For the house (boy did I have fun with this one!) would be a house carved into the side of a volcano, bearing a Greek resemblence. The world door would be inside of a floating lava rock, a long, rickity bridge connects you to the outside of the house. The outside is seared and rivers of lava zig-zag the path, so you would have to take a different route. You notice off to your left, a worn down bridge connects the main land to a small island. You don't see much, except for a large hill, no wait, there's an invisible side of the hill leading you to a teleporter! You reach the next destination and see that your behind the volcano. Ominous looking, you see a dragon on a cliff with a path up the volcano to the cliff. You notice that clicking x will take you to a higher level of the volcano, where the enterance to the house is. A field of ashes side the house and fire flowers dot the area, with a little place for gardening. You enter the house and in a circular room, with 2 hallways on the left and right sides. In the middle of the room is a glass mural of a heckhound and above it is a glass dome with murals of other fire creatures. You walk to your left and enter a medium, rectangular room with a little cave off to the side. But its locked? Well, have no fear, through an invisible wall, there's a switch (similar to the sun palace) and the door unlocks itself. You continue down the path and reach a heckhound's den with a mother heckhound and 2 pups the same height as you. She grants you a gift everyday. Heading back to the circular room, you go right. You enter a rectangular room and there's 2 small rooms on each side, that are about burned with lava easing down the walls. You notice a door infront of you, so you enter. Your back outside, and what seems to be a dragon nesting place. A friendly dragon offers you a lift to the top of the volcano (don't worry, he won't drop you in the lava!) You arrive onto a platform and up ahead is the battle circle. But wait, its hoverring above the volcano! Well, thats the fun of it, the circle also includes grandstands for your friends to watch the duel.

Thats it for now, I had a really good time making the house lol. Tell me what you think.