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An awesome B.O.X.E.S. event idea

Jun 18, 2013
It's obvious by now that the B.O.X.E.S. event has a lot of Dr. Who references. The Professor, inside the Telegraph Box looks a lot like in the interior to the TARDIS, and the "Sonic Spring" is a nice touch. However, it's kind of ridiculous that the Sonic Spring is A.) A ridiculously rare drop and B.) that it's a crafting material! I think the Sonic Spring can still be used a a reagent version, but i think it would be awesome if there were also a wand version of it. I mean, how cool would it be to show your Wizard101/Dr. Who pride by casting spells with a Sonic Spring? It could be added to the crafting list given by Rose Piper (But available to Wizards of all crafting ranks, or up to Novice or Apprentice), with only sub-par difficulty-to-get reagents.(Fish would be acceptable because now its in a lot of recipes, but like the Cat Fish so its not too hard) or maybe even by a rare drop by bosses in the B.O.X.E.S. event. I think being able to have a Sonic Spring wand would be an amazing touch to the B.O.X.E.S. event. I know that if i had one, I would gladly stitch it with my best wand.

Warping through time,

Duncan Windleaf, Level 83 Diviner

Cameron Sungem, Level 22 Scorceror

Coyle Deathshade, Level 11 Necromancer

Feb 11, 2013
yea i shouldn't be such i rare drop. on my 51 jacob shadowflame i am trying to get a pogo stick but the sonic is holding me back.

Jul 11, 2013
Sep 23, 2014
And we also need a B.O.X. housing item. We need it so bad

Aug 28, 2013
At first, I thought the sonic spring was a wand. I made the mistake of telling my son, who is as big of a Whovian as I am, that the B.O.X.E.S dropped sonic wands. Boy did we farm those boxes for hours and hours and hours, never getting that wand. So I researched a bit more and came to understand the spring reagent. When I told my son that I was wrong, that no such wand existed, both of our hearts just broke.

A sonic (any tool) wand would be amazing!