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Allow multiple characters from same account to fig

Aug 07, 2009
Dont know if this has been discussed. Since we can create up to six characters wouldn't it be cool if we could summon one of our own charaters to fight along side of another when up against bosses only. We could have them transported to where we are. I find that when I play at night there are usually not many people playing when I am or the quest I'm doing and instead of waiting or lack of participation (becuase they are busy doingtheir own thing) I could summon one of my own characters from my school.
This would limited to only against main bosses and perhaps certain level 10+ only. There could be a quest or a treasure card that you have to gain or craft in order to do this so not to make it to easy but not to hard. Once you gain this card or quest it will feature a icon that will appear so as you select a card for your first player, you can submit then the second character will appear and you can select from that one and start battling. If all 4 ports are full then you cant do this but it would be nice to have this option and it would be incentive to create multiple characters.
I could see alot of players wanting this and would take the time to craft it, quest it or whatever-just have it available. Let me know what you think. :-)


May 19, 2009