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Allow experience bar until 1xp befor pass max

Feb 19, 2010
I dont know if this bugs anyone else but it sure does me.

I havent done any quests on my level 80's since i heard azteca is coming out. And this is because you receive no xp for them, I think KI should allow the xp bar to stay on until you are 1 xp from leveling pass the max level. Its only fair. I have not completed avalon yet because i was level 80, I did finish all my spell/pet quests but i really dont want to quest with no good reward for doin so. Basically to those of us who feel this way we kinda get the shaft on leveling when a new world is coming out.

Either this or maybe allow access to new worlds when you reach the appropriate level instead of completing prior world storyline. Either way i hope someone important sees this post and passes it to whom it may concern.

Nov 04, 2012
I don't care i'm not close to your level so i'm cool with dat

Nov 19, 2009
Thekingconjurer on Nov 15, 2012 wrote:
I don't care i'm not close to your level so i'm cool with dat
Why'd you post? He was just saying that he doesn't want to finish Avalon because he wouldn't get xP till Aztecs came out.

May 01, 2011
that is a good idea, wizard101 should do that

Mar 15, 2012
ok dude this is whats up you need to beat av because the NEW world is out soooo this is what you need to do.
  • beat av
  • lvl up
  • have fun
  • get friends to help

Jan 11, 2012
I always thought the leveling cap and additions seems just too slim. Why not give a 20 level cap next time? Why is it only 10? besides it being a "magic number" there's no reason that I can see, except for maybe database size and even that is a stretch. I'd love to see them raise it by 20, or 30 levels next time, and allow us to get XP till we run out of quests