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All Area Payment

Nov 28, 2015
I’ve been thinking that it’s kinda tedious to constantly pay for each area as l go along through the game. Couldn’t there be some type of system where you can pay to unlock all areas (or what you have left) at once before hand? And if there already is a way then could someone tell me because I sure haven’t seen one.

Jun 14, 2010
A nice idea, the only problem is the fact the game is an MMO. It's always coming up with new content, and it would be hard to have an all area payment because that.

I feel like most "full access/VIP" payment options end up killing the MMO's they're trying to support, because those options can cause the game to rely on a steady flow of new players who are willing to pay for full access in order to stay afloat.

It would be easier to have a story arc payment option, where you could buy an entire story arc with crowns or real money as a kind of package deal or something, for example buying all the worlds from the first story arc (Wizard City through Dragonspyre) for a set price.