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Nov 28, 2015
i think it would be awesome to introduce a new type of school called Alchemy. This new school would function completely different from the rest as such:
First the teacher would be a traveler and would travel to every world in the spiral so you would have to find him (at the start of every day he would be on a different world). Secondly his spells wouldn’t cost any training points but to be able to train under him you would first have to complete a mission from him and acquire a Philosopher’s Stone and repeat each time you want to train another spell. Third you can only train 1 spell from him per day but there would be no specific order to train in so you can choose freely like buying a TC. Fourth certain spells to train from him would only be available depending on which world he is at while some can be trained everywhere. Fifth he could also sell Alchemist gear that could affect the Alchemy spells.

The spells you would train in Alchemy would involve creating powerful homuncli between 2 or more spells from 1 or more schools but would follow strict rules:
1. The spells that will be used to create the homuncli must be in your hand first and will be discarded upon using the Alchemist spell and successfully creating the homuncli.
2. There would be slight repercussions from summoning a homuncli but the repercussions would vary depending on which homuncli is being summoned.
3. Alchemy spells accuracy would all be 50% by default but would be affected from the players average accuracy stats of the schools being used to summon the homuncli.

This would be great because it would be able to make use of the weaker spells that no one would normally want to use anymore due to their weak power output in higher as you get further and further in the game.

Aug 23, 2016
I like this idea. I think it has merit.

Steven Ghoststalker