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Advanced Gear

Nov 14, 2010
There should be a special boss for each school that drops rare unique for your school only, you can start battling this boss at level 80. This boss would be your opposite school. This boss would have one minion. A normal cheat like 'a ward?? let's even the field' and cast a trap 35%, The minion would be your school. So an example would be like; student. boss, minion. The boss could have i say 10,000 through 15,000 life and the minion 3,000 through 7,000 life depending on your school. This is just the beginning your details to this would be excellent help on what you think. The gear could be similar to waterworks gear, just slightly better, but not as good as hade's gear, comment what you think?? Thank you

Timothy Deathstalker lvl 100
Timothy Firestalker lvl 76
Timothy Mythstalker lvl 71
Timothy Stormstalker lvl 69
Timothy Lotustalker lvl 64
Timothy Lifestalker lvl 42 If you see something with stalker most likely me lol

Sep 07, 2011
I always want more bosses and better gear

I don't think Hades gear is even as good as WW though, so i hope it's better than that.

Jan 12, 2013
I been trying for hades gear, the justice set for balance, but i hadn't got any so i am wondering if Kingsisle can raise the drop rate a little by 5 or 10%

Nov 28, 2010
I've been little impressed with most gear since Waterworks. The only gear I think that's improved in the past 40 levels are the Alpha and Omega Ring, and the Blade of the Felled Titan. Everything else requires you to sacrifice something you want to try and improve something that you maybe want a little bit more.

Waterworks was the last time the gear (hats, robes, and boots) improved to the point where you didn't have to pick either/or, you got it all! Well... if the bosses dropped it that is.

That's probably my biggest concern when I see people wanting tougher dungeons with "better" drops. Better is a subjective term, and what the programmers think is better might be completely different than what most of us players think is better. Most people I've talked with are not happy with the gear options since Waterworks. Waterworks was level 60, we now have max level of 100. That means a lot of us perceive that for the last 2/5 of the game there has been little to no improvement in the gear. A lot of the new appearance designs are very cool, but the statistics are not desired.

I want universal resistance (not just 2 or 3 schools), and universal critical block (not just 2 or 3 schools). I'm fine if the critical attack, accuracy, and damage modifiers are school specific, but universal would be nice too. If it doesn't come with all of those features, then to me it's not better. I'd also like to continue to see the healing modifiers remain on the gear, and perhaps include armor piercing as an added bonus now that it's a relevant part of the game.