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adult only realms

Jan 06, 2011
This whole thread was ridiculous.

Do I think there should be an adult only realm? No idea. I would probably go there once in a while if there was...if only to avoid the random friend invites from people who can't even tell me what they need. Would I play on it all the time? Probably not.

Everyone getting worked up about this is just silly. Adults aren't trying to say we're better, most of us aren't open to cursing in chat (you don't get away with that in most "Adult" games anyway), and I highly doubt that anyone is suggesting that you couldn't simply change realms and play with those who are younger again. All they're trying to say, correct me if I'm wrong, is that it would be nice to play with other people who have the same ideas about politeness and courtesy that children simply don't think about. READ: Not an insult, I don't mind when people jump into my battles or ask me for help, but some adults do...what is wrong with them wanting a realm that allows that?

I agree that it should only be open to subscribers, it seems much neater than simply anyone who says they're over 18 when they sign up. I do NOT think the chat system should change at all, I think it works beautifully as it is and would prevent anyone who lied about their age being allowed anything more than they have now.

More than anything I think adults just want someplace to play with other people like them. What's so wrong about that?

May 23, 2009
Pyrsik wrote:
ELLIOTT721 wrote:
DarthNexus wrote:
I would prefer an adult only realm, most children who play are annoying.

Then don play the game!go play WoW or something where there less kids
you know there is something called the IGNORE button. Use it! And this is a game for kids to have fun don push it

You are wrong on several points. First he has the right to play the game just as much as you,and requesting an "Adult Only" realm does not hinder you in anyway,so why even respond to it? Secondly there is a limit to the "ignore button",so it won't solve the problems that several have eluded to.And lastly, this is not "a game for kids to have fun", it is a family game,and probably caters to more older people than kids. I do disagree with his point that "most children who play are annoying",but that is his opinion,and he is certainly entitled to express it. Also ,by the way you responded,you actually added validity to his comments.Think about it.

Excuse me! this game is designed for kids. If you are not happy then why play?

Jan 14, 2010
conorjak7 wrote:
i am not an adult i'm 15 and i would dearly love for their to be something like that because almost all the low levels that port to dragonspire are little kids that know very little about the game but pretend they do.

OK. First of all i do NOT like this idea. It is not bad but unfair and unsafe. If a kid goes into an adult realm faking to be an adult, the adults may think it will be okay to say bad words. Second, you do realize everyone was once like that? Doing this would create chaos, hurt feelings and probably make everyone forget that wizard101 is a game for WIZARDRY, not adult parties.

Jan 14, 2010
melcookie925 wrote:
Drifter69 wrote:
seasnake wrote:
hunteray09 wrote:
Let me just start by saying i am not an adult but almost a teen and I too think this is the most worst idea ever. This game was invented for KIDS! (well i guess some family too) But if you don't like all the KIDS playing on a KIDS game then to bad! KI plz don't make an adult realm plz! It is the stupidest idea ever. I think adults really shouldn't be playing anyway cause they cuss on the game, scam us kids, do bad stuff, and many more things. Anyway how could you make an adults realm cause I know a way to sneak into it if there is one.

"I think adults really shouldn't be playing anyway cause they cuss on the game, scam us kids, do bad stuff, and many more things."

This is largely why many people are asking for adult only realms, largely to seperate such horrible adults from children, as well as to seperate adults who do not feel comfortable playing with other people's kids or influence them in any way, and it also allows those who have any sort of pedofile record to play away from realms where kids are found.

In no way is an adult only realm meant to give adults more stuff than children or to make it so children aren't allowed to play. Adult only realms are meant to protect children from adults who may otherwise prey on children, and it protects adults who never want to be accused of ever influencing other people's children.

Such realms do not prevent adults from playing wherever they want, it just allows adults to play with adults if they so choose to do so. Sure kids could sneak into it, but I think they would find the adult only realms to be a bit more boring (kind of like sitting at the adult table during Holiday Dinners).

As to not believing adults should be playing such games, lol... who do you think created and programmed the games in the first place? Not to mention that most all adults grew up playing video games and represent a very large computer gaming crowd.

Agree I am gonna respond again to bump this thread. For the safety of our children, and other children, an Adult only Realm, or Realms would be the best thing that ever happened to Wizard 101 IMO.

Sure kids think that us adults should not be playing a kids game? Bare in mind a group of 8 year olds DID NOT create Wizard 101. Adults with, That "Kid at Heart " feel, are the ones who created W101. A lot game developers are required a Bachleors Degree of some sort, There is not any 8 year olds that have a Bachleors degree in computers. So, yeah, adults, designed the game in the first place.
I get your point of veiw

I see what are ALL saying and i agree

Jan 24, 2010
This conversation reminds me of a former friend who inadvertently told me how much she dislikes children, at my child's birthday party. I've always wondered why she came to the party, since it was populated by children and their families.

Anyone who thinks adults are more well-behaved than kids, just because they are adults, has obviously lived life outside of the generally accepted reality tunnel. Would an adult realm change the fact that adults are often rude, annoying, untruthful, uncooperative, and mean? In truth, some of the most unpleasant people I've met in this game are adults. That includes on these message boards.

This is a family game, meant for families, including children, to play, and I hope it remains that way. This game is clean, safe, not like EQ or WoW, or Second Life. Frankly, the idea of an "ADULTS ONLY REALM" makes me wonder: What do adults need to say or do that they can't say or do in a mixed age realm, hmm?

If we ever DO see an adult-only realm, I won't visit there. You can find me in a perfect realm where humans can play this game side by side, regardless of age.

Iridian Shadowweaver, Legendary Theurgist

Aug 01, 2009
I am glad to see this idea brought up again- I pushed this issue about a year ago- and was asking for 1 or 2 adults realms too- I like this idea very much and would like to see a few adult realms too. I think adults are the avid players in this game- and the adults will be the continued players I have a feeling- great post :)
Now I also urged for a teen only realm, and also a kid only realm as well, that way NO one is left out. Give everyone their OWN realm that way if the kids and teens want to get away from us adults they can do that as well.. PLUS leave all the other realms as they are so that we can all meet up and play if wished so.. GREAT GREAT POST -- thanks

Apr 30, 2009
I understand why people would want an "Adult-only realm" but i personally couldn't think it was a worse idea, because of two reasons:
1. In general I dislike the idea
2. because it's a family game and is meant for all ages.

Julia DragonRider level 52

Sep 27, 2009
matvince90 wrote:
Adult only realms would be great, and it should be limited to people with open chat enabled on their accounts.

I also think that there should be a realm that only allows menu chat. It would be great for people who are only able to use menu chat because when ever I see a menu chatter, I feel as though they are left out because no one ever wants to use menu chat to talk to them.
You said that only open chat people would be able to get on the adult only realms. But also what if some kid got their parent's permission for open chat? That's what my parents did. They gave me permission for open chat and i am only 10! So it wouldn't be an ADULT ONLY realm! Some little kids may have open chat on their account but may be very young. They would be able to get into the adult only realms! So I think that this is the worst idea ever!


Sep 20, 2008
I've read through all the comments relating to this, and while people make good points for both sides, I really don't see the point in making an entire seperate realm. From what i've read, the main arguments towards making an adult realm are (A): Not wanting to associate with possible maldoers and the like, (B): Claiming younger people are irritating because they abuse language and so forth, (C): This being a game "angled towards adults mostly" , it should have a realm for them, and (D): Saying that children need to be seperated from adults, for various different reasons. Point (A): Possible maldoers would find it extremely hard to do anything harmful because of recent implementations. Point (B): Recent implementations have made it so so people cannot abuse language, and one of the points for making an adult realm was so they could have open chat, which is self-defeating. Point (C): While many adults do play this game, and yes, adults DID make this game, which somebody claimed was a valid argument, this was desegined to be a family game, however, children find it a more appealing form of entertainment than adults, because of the way it is designed. Point (D): If it is a family game, why would they be seperated? Actually, why would adults NEED to be seperated from children in the first place? What could they possibly want to do that could not be done around children? Point (E): The game has been working fine so far, and the few problems there were have been patched and fixed, so now until somebody figures out a way to get around them (Rest assuredly, it WILL happen eventually), which can be dealt with when it comes up, why bother changing it? It would only make more work for the kind employees of KingsIsle, which would affect new releases for the game, which would make it even better. Now, I am not biased towards children, nor am I biased towards adults, however, I am biased to looking at things logically, which I hope everyone else will do too.

Jun 19, 2011
An Adult Only realm is a bad idea - this is a Family Game not a kids/adult game where you put kids in one corner and separate adults into the other - that is what would happen if you create a separate adult realm, which would run contrary to the *family* orientation of the game.

Everybody should be able to play with everybody else without restriction.

Children are protected by the censored chat, restrictied to *menu chat* b/c they don't have a cc. Therefore, no need to argue for an adult realm solely on the basis of `protecting kids', b/c kids already are protected.

Moreover, adults here have not explained why they want an adult realm. It makes no difference; if it's to chat, then you're playing games for the wrong reasons (to talk instead of playing).

Part of the attraction of Wiz101 is the sociable, friendly games within structured *rules* that encourage friendliness and do not segregrate ppl according to age.

Wiz101 game makers----> please do not create an Adult Only realm.

Thank you,
bob... :-)

Mar 12, 2011
I have read all the posts. The most common point everyone seems to miss is it is just a realm. It is as optional as any realm we have now. You can leave it whenever you like. You can still chat with people in your group. There would be no difference except you have to be a certain age to enter the realm. It is not a big deal. Many online games have realms that you can not enter unless you live in a certain place or only play PvP. The reason they have these realms is it makes finding friends easier. If I was in an adult realm I would know that these people have jobs, and possibly kids and many other adult things that I have also experienced. I would find making conversation much easier. As it is now I have no friends in game because it is very difficult for me to make them.

But if KI does decide to make a separate adult realm, then they should also make separate realms for other topics. Such as a Canadian only realm. Again none of these are mandatory. They are and will always be mandatory. If you do not like the idea, then simply do not join the realm. Having specific realms simply groups like people together. And that is not wrong or selfish. It is a good idea.

I mean in real life, how many of your friends have a big thing in common? I can tell for certain that 90% of everyone's friends live in the same town as them. Why is this ok for real life and not ok for online?

Personally I am 21 and I find very little in common with younger players. If it was possible I never play with another person ever. I would rather solo. It really makes me depressed knowing I NEED a group for some very important fights, and I have no way of getting the help I need. I can not find help because I have no easy way of talking to anyone. Separate realms would fill a need.

Apr 17, 2009
Horrible horrible horrible idea! Ok I'm an ice wizard and with the new release of wintertusk I need help a lot. So I'm in a fight in this "AO" realm. And I need help bad. There's no one around me and no one other than text chat friends are on. So I ask for help and they tell me " I can't port you're in an AO realm. Now i just died because i couldnt get help from my friends. Some of my best friends are text chat not open chat. What would i do then?

Apr 19, 2010
Most adults (Not All) think they are much more mature than kids. Well, look what you are doing. You are sitting at your computer bickering with kids. I know a mature adult wouldn't get sucked into fights like this. LOL post a reply if you want but it would just show how easily you can get hot-headed.

May 22, 2009
Sad to say, a lot of parents do not have control of the parental controls...their kids do. With kids in control of the account settings, they can EASILY change their birthday to one that is over 18, which would give them access to an adult realm. That makes having an adult realm redunant.

I would like to share a recent discussion I had with a younger member that is on my friends list. I do not know his age, but I do know he is still in school and his parents recently gave him open chat.

I was having difficulties with my cat jumping on my lap and getting in my way while trying to play. My comment to him was "this stupid cat is driving me crazy." His reply to me was, "Please do not talk that way around me." I did apologize and asked him if annoying cat was acceptable. He laughed and said yes. At that time I was thinking that this world would be a lot better with more kids like him, and he had to have tremendously good parents.

There ARE good kids out there. I have found dozens of them playing this game. Therefore, there is no need for an adult realm...and this is coming from someone that IS NOT A PARENT.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life

Apr 19, 2010
most adults (not all) think they are much more mature than kids. well, look what you are doing right now. you are sitting at the computer bickering with kids you don't even know. i know a mature adult wouldn't get sucked into such a worthless subject like this. lol post a rude comment if you want i am welcome to hear opinions but it will just show people how easily you can get hot-headed.

Sep 05, 2008
melcookie925 wrote:
First of all,I really don't like the idea. If Wizard101 had adult only realms it would make me feel like i'm playing a rated A game.Well sure it's a family game, but I think all of us should enjoy the same realms. From, Melissa Greenrunner level 39 life P.S. Whoever said kids are annoying, that was really mean of you to say. It hurt my feelings. Because i'm a kid.

I don't much like the idea either, but it seems a lot of adults do. Typical. Whatever, if an adult realm were created, the full realms like Ambrose would lose all the players and some of the kids would struggle with quests if adult friends wouldn't help him. And KI would need to even it out with a kids only realm. And some of my best friends are adults, and I'm a kid, so if I couldn't help them when they needed it because I can't port into the adult realms, they would die. More dying people= Less subscribers for KI.

Apr 18, 2010
First off, I completely understand why adults want an adult only realm. Though I think the idea of a realm is a little too far. Some of my best friends on wizard101 are adults, and if they went to an adult only realm to be in a better place, I wouldn't be able to quest with them, and if they wanted to see me, they would have to "visit" me. That's not what I would call a good relationship.

Maybe you could meet up with some adults to find a few adult friend. If the reason why you want this realm is to stay away from kids, then you have the wrong motives. You are stereo-typing all kids as being immature, whereas this is not the case.

Most younger players posting here think that the reason why you guys want this realm is because you think of them as immature and want to block them out. So anyone thinking this, please stop, you aren't correct.

Jun 02, 2011
I am a adult player. I don't think there is any need for an adult world. because it's a waste of time for the creator to make this one world. just due to the fact that only adults can get to it. if i was the creator i would rather be working on worlds that everyone can play on, or soon can be on. I don't see a need for a adult world. I love kids. there always so fun to be around. My dearest friend is only 13 years old just able to talk. I say if you can't stand the kids then you dont need to be playing this game. Merly saying that this is a family game were adults and kids can play with no boundaries. If you dont want to be apart of the wizard 101 Family and have an adult world were the players split, then i say you have no need to be here. But who am i to tell people were and were not they should be. i and just stating if you have a problem with the kids on a family game then you should find a diffrent game.

Fallon Angel Level27