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Adding more secret trainers w/ crazy spells.

Nov 26, 2016
Honestly, it would be refreshing to see a new secret trainers allowing wizards to train other school spells as well as their own for utility. The Avalon utility spells really did not leave a mark for me as much as I wanted it to. For convenience, I didn't put pips into many of the spells for several reasons, few exceptions. These spells can be tweaked abilities or school for convenience. I intend for these spells to be trainable for any school.

(Death spell) Eye for an Eye - leaves a special type of "reflect shield" on you. Shield reflects 50% of damage back at the caster for the next hit. Forces enemy to use a small hit if they do not want to face backlash on the insane damage they can push out. Disadvantages of this is how other shields you put on yourself can hinder how much damage hits you and how much damage is reflected back at enemy.

Star dispel -star dispel

Sunscreen (sun spell) -sun debuff; if you cast a spell with a enchant on it this debuff will trigger can remove the debuff of the card you used. Ironically this debuff can be enchanted with cloak, and can remove a cloak on a enemy spell casted.

Dispel Shields(moon school) -casts 2 dispel shields on you similar to ice school stun block. (idea mostly triggered from how dispel shields were recently added in the game). I made this moon school so that dispel shields can' be ironically dispelled.

Hot potato (fire spell) -1.) places a special trap on yourself 2.) If enemy or ally places any kind of spell on you (trap, heal, weakness, shield etc ...) the trap will move to that person 2.) If you cast a spell on another person with the trap on you. The trap will move to that person. AOE spells -the trap moves to the person in first position of that side 3.) After 3-4 rounds the trap will trigger doing around 665 fire damage ... Cons is this spell can be really useful or very useless so use it wisely. This spell can be damage enchanted/pierce/accuracy enchanted.

Crystal ice mirror (Ice spell) - I like the shadow sentinel mechanic of using a intercept to take 25% of hits on allies and redirect it on yourself. What if we used a normal low down utility version of this for team pvp. Instead of lasting 3 rounds, this version only lasts 1 round when used.

Purify (Life spell) -basically a mass cleanse on yourself

Flux (Storm spell) -after you cast this spell for wait for 1-2 rounds. Any hits you deliver, or any damage you receive will be calculated onto a universal blade in those following rounds. The more damage you do or the more damage you tank charges up the damage boost for the blade.

Nov 26, 2016
Sorry I didn't get to post all my spell ideas here is more:
Petrify (Myth spell) -I would put this type of card in a similar category as reshuffle ... So lets say you casted this spell on a enemy, and a enemy discarded several of his cards in his hand. Normally, the next round new cards in his deck fill it up to make 7 in his hand, or he replaced it by drawing TC. BUT ... when you cast this spell on a enemy, the next round new cards don't get drawn or he cant access tc. Only lasts one round. For example, enemy discarded 3 cards, and you used petrify on him he same round. The next round, he only has access to 4 of his cards in his hands.
Polymorph gear (moon spell) -we all/will have this happen at one point in our experience playing wiz where we accidently equipped the wrong piece of gear. This moon spell, allows you to access your backpack and change ONLY ONE piece of gear. You can only do this ONCE PER BATTLE. After using this spell, an spell overtime moon tick hovers over the wizard preventing him/her from using this spell again. Pro: a cool new use for moon spells. Con: This can be a good/bad move choose wisely.

Inter-Sap (Balance spell 5 pips) -steal up to 3 pips/power pips from enemy. Honestly, useless since mana burn is better, but if you want to use this go ahead.

Pot of greed (Death spell) -if you have this card in hand and cast it. You will receive extra 3 cards the next round. Lets say someone casts this spell. The next following round, they will have 10 cards in their hand instead of 7.

Fanning the flames (Fire spell) -adds 2 ticks to all of an enemy overtime damage spells or an allies overtime heals. Can be useful in certain situations.

Nov 26, 2016
Stolen dreams (moon spell) -steal a random spell card from a enemy's deck and turn the school of the card into the wizard's primary school. Can be useless or useful in certain situations.
Spectral convert (balance spell 2 pips) -place this on a enemy. Turns a ice hit into fire, storm to myth, life to death, and vice versa. Balance, shadow, and astral damage wont trigger it. Can be useful in certain situations.
Growth spurt (Life spell) -place a special shield on you whole team. If a enemy hits, this shield is triggered and gives one your attacked teammates either a pip, power pip, pip and power pip, or 2 power pips by luck chance.
Hidden Mist (Storm spell) -place this on your team. Hides all the weaknesses, blades, and traps from being seen from the enemy team or anyone viewing the battle outside for 3 rounds. Your teammates can only see what you have. Can be useful in hiding what you have. Consider this a cloak for yourself as a advantage.
Treachery (myth spell) -can only case on enemy minions only. Does 300-400 damage to a enemy minion. If enemy minion dies, then the same minion is summoned to your side.
Burden (Ice) -shifts a weakness on you to a enemy player.
LifeBane (Death Spell) - similar to the healing debuff trap placed by the death spell Lord of Night ... this is a -50% to the next incoming healing. Honestly, infection is a better, but if you want to stack this go ahead. I would like to see this spell be revived, and serve a new purpose.

Sep 11, 2010
Nov 26, 2016
It's no doubt that Kingsisle is already making new shadow spells/shadow-enhanced spells in the future. I have shadow ideas, but rather let kingsisle surprise me with it.
Anyways here are some shadow spell ideas I have:
Guardian Spirit (1 shadow pip; no pvp) -a shadow version of guardian spirit
Mass Feints (1 shadow pip; no pvp) -+70% to all enemies and +70% trap on yourself
Other ideas:
Leaf Storm (5 pips) -have this version of the pet spell droppable/craftable... its 5 pips so that it can add the effect of removing any overtime heals on the enemy ... if not make this 4 pips
Spirit Blast (4 pips) -its like spectral blast, but does death, life, and myth ... its seen in Aquila from the harpy pet ... have this spell be droppable/craftable
Headless Horseman - have this spell be droppable/craftable for death wizards
Some more new spell ideas:
Sun Lance - its an enchant spell that adds +200 base damage and +10% pierce on it ... it's like a hybrid between pierce and base damage enchants
Solar power (1 pip) -adds 3 random +25% blades (fire, storm, ice, life, death, myth, or universal) its all by chance
Solar wind-enchant any spell on this ... this enchant transfers a card in your deck to an allies hand for next turn. For example, if you have a satyr and enchanted this and casted it on your ally teammate. Next round, your teammate will have 8 cards in his/her hand. 7 cards from their original deck and 1 card that you gave them.
-ironically you can use this enchant on other enchants!!!
Tidal influence -use this enchant on any 6 round polymorph spell. After you cast the enchanted polymorph, you don't actually change your stats or your deck. For 6 rounds, you have a chance of receiving extra cards from the polymorph deck in your hand.
Lunar Tide (1 pip) -adds 3 random +50% shields (fire, storm, ice, life, death, myth, or tower) its all by chance

Nov 26, 2016
Bubble ideas:
Gluttony (3 pips death bubble) -adds +25% health boost to drain hit spells. For example, casting a ghoul with 160 damage will return 120 health instead of 80 health... any non-drain death hit spells trigger +50 base heal.
Autumn Breeze(3 pips life bubble) -adds +25% life damage in exchange for -50% heals on life spells only. Other non-life school heals like healing current can do fine in this bubble. Appearance wise, this bubble looks like a life bubble except in fall colors.
Ice Age(3 pips Ice Bubble) -any ice hit spells you cast trigger a plus +15% universal shield on yourself.
Spirit flames (2 pips Fire Bubble) -any DOT spell can lasts 4 rounds instead of 3 rounds. Which means extra overtime damage or overtime heals. Appearance wise, think of a fire bubble except its blue.
Legion (4 pips) -any myth hit will trigger a haunted puppet minion to be summoned. If the wizard already has a minion, the minion wont summon. Bubble looks like a myth bubble except you have a ghost army surrounding the battle.
Eye of the storm (2 pips Storm Bubble) -any storm hit will trigger a -25% accuracy debuff on the enemy hit. Bubble wise, this looks like your in the middle of a hurricane.

Nov 26, 2016
Original idea:
Autumn Breeze(3 pips life bubble) -adds +25% life damage in exchange for -50% heals on life spells only. Other non-life school heals like healing current can do fine in this bubble. Appearance wise, this bubble looks like a life bubble except in fall colors.
Alternate Idea:
Autumn Breeze(3 pips life bubble) -adds +25% life damage in exchange for -50% accuracy heals on life spells only. Other non-life school heals like healing current can do fine in this bubble. Appearance wise, this bubble looks like a life bubble except in fall colors.
**reasoning is that I don't want this bubble to mimick doom and gloom
Other bubble ideas:
Acedia (2 pips death bubble) -plus +25% death damage to death spells; -50% to death drain health ... For example, a ghoul spell that normally does 160 base damage will do 200 damage, but heals only 50 health points
Repurpose -any balance hit triggers a universal blade on yourself, but also triggers a -25% accuracy debuff on yourself