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Adding crouching + making a use for jumping!

Aug 05, 2009
So crouch is when you hold down and space at same time. What if, lets say, at certain locations, you crouch, fall into a hole, and drop into a boss battle with good drops? Like, it woud be secret, because once you get into it, the hole changes location. Also, you could do this with jumping. Ill add some locations:

On the elder plant in golem court is its first location(always in golem court)crouch:
Name: Plifica Health: 3,200 Lvl needed to drop in: 40 School: Ice Spells:
Colosuss, ice blade, pixie, and ice trap.

Cheat: Uses reshuffle every fw turns, and steals every shield you use.

Where ambrose is (always in wizard city): Name: Shindow Health: 9,001
Lvl needed to jump in: 59 School: myth Spells: Bubbl for every school, minotaur, myth trap, myth blade, earthquake, medusa, shield for every school, and cloak.

Cheat: uses reshuffle, he auto changes bubble to a random thing when you use a bubble, cleanses your all your blades, and auto weakness to any trap or aura.

Ill post more if i can think of