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Adding a new dynamic to the game

Dec 10, 2018
hi, this will be part 2 on adding more demensions to the gameplay, part 1 talked about a few cool spell ideas that have not yet been introduced

okay so we have all wanted some gear thats not just an upgrade of waterworks *cough cough* malistare*cough*
and paradox*cough*
and for gardening and pet training we want something that gives you more than just.. well more energy.
the only thing that has another part to the gear is the fishing set and thats not even that popular in comparison to gardening and pet training.

so i have this idea to fix all of this. as "TheAmazingStephen" said a few posts back if feels like were playing the same thing over and over again, witch i personally cannot argue against to me he is right. But we can change this.
also great post Stephen i really liked it.

when you play on your storm wizard what do you play it for, you wanna feel like a storm wizard right, you wanna do huge damage and be really cool. and you play life so that you can heal your teamates when they all die in that 4v4 tourney that your carrying, you want the praise. or maybe you dont, either way no matter what wiz you play, it feels like your playing the same wizard with different cards ya know? so what if in the next gear sets, when you have all pieces of the set equiped you get an additional perk? not anything nuts just something cool.

so here are my ideas for the additional gear perks, ill start with gardening and pet training then go onto school gear.

with gardening the issue is that if you have a gear set with alot of energy for gardening, people will just cheat and use it for pet training. so im gonna make a boss scenario and the gear drop idea.

in aquila, there is alot of room to work with, so somewhere add a key boss that leads to the boss "demeter"(god of plants basically so it fits with the greek god theme aquila has going on) .
the drop rate for the gear set is very low and only max wizards can wear it. these sets will be overpowered to have room to nerf it to balanced.

HAT-(energy gear stats)
ROBE(energy gear stats)
SHOES(energy gear stats)
WAND(energy and may cast pixie[gardening version])
When all pieces of this set are equipped gain 50% energy and maycast Dragon flies. Also blocks you from pet training games. (when you unequip the set you keep the same %max energy you were at when it was equiped)

idk where to get this set from either like packs a new boss or like bought with an excessive amount of arena tickets witch would make sense.

HAT(energy hat)
ROBE(energy robe)
WAND(energy with maycast "?????"-refuels 50% energy regenerated upon using all energy)8% chance for this to work
when all pieces of this gear is equipped gain 25% energy and 25% chance to double pet snack xp after mini game)

STORM GEAR PERK- when all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "spark plug" - your first attack spell in combat automatically crits for +150% damage(no pvp) OR instead of critting for 150% crit for 125% and its unblockable (still no pvp)

FIRE GEAR PERK-when all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "flameborn"- all damage spells rank 7+ melts 1 shield from target/s before hitting(no pvp)

BALANCE GEAR when all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "composure"- all blades are 10% stronger when you cast them (no pvp)

ICE GEAR PERKSwhen all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "frostborn" 25% chance to take only 50% damage from the attack(no pvp) OR take 10% of damage dealt to your team to yourself as true damage(no pvp)

MYTH GEAR PERKS-when all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "aurora" all attacks gain 20% chance to stun the target and if the attack already stuns increase the stun by 1 round and if there are stun blocks 20% to take 2 stun blocks instead of 1(no pvp)

LIFE GEAR PERKS-when all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "divinity" each round has a 10% chance to cast full team guardian angel(no pvp)(rounds to not stack)
maycast enchanted version of unicorn that heals for 500.

DEATH GEAR PERKS-when all pieces of the set are equipped (hat robe boots) gain "(cant think of a word)
the spells that deal damage and heal, now heal you for 75% instead of 50%(no pvp)
Upon first death in combat, regain 25% health (keeping blades pips and all other hanging effects) (no pvp)