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Add more distinctive signs to your friends list

Nov 23, 2017
We all knew this, someone who connects and the big question is who is it? Surely because the person has not connected for a long time, where like 80% of add friends never talk! So, for me it's a real problem, because I need to know in what circumstance I had to add this unknown in my list.

There are of course a lot of signs, but many are childish faces not very symbolizing the event of the meeting. In general, I associate a symbol for a person who has multiple wizards.

We already have the sign of the fishing, the garden, the battle, the pig that I use for people met in hatchery, the heart, the colors ... But my suggestion would be to introduce many more distinctive signs, because that it is important to know who is who and in what circumstances we met him.

Where well, the possibility of being able to put a note written on the card of his friend, thus, one would have more the problem to remember who he is.

A+ Student
Aug 03, 2014
I'd like more icons on our friend list too

I find I run out of different ones even when I try to allocate them to mean different things...and many of them are very similar to each other so my feeble brain forgets what they all meant lol. It would be very welcomed if some more distinct icons were added to help us remember brief friendly encounters where we added each other before we'd built a more meaningful friendship