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Account Wide Suggestions

Dec 09, 2008
I have been playing Wizard101 for a long time. I am a very grindy person and actually enjoy the grind. However, there are some grinds and things that make for a very boring time. I think that badges should be account wide (excluding school specific badges, and PvP badges). Whenever I grind a really cool badge, I don't get the satisfaction of feeling like I achieved something because deep down I know I would have to do it again on another wizard if I wanted to show it off. I think the argument of "what if a level 5 equips a Dragonspyre badge?" is kind of silly. That just means they have a character who was able to unlock it! Good for them!

Finally, unrelated to badges, I think teleportation effects should be account wide. They are already in the settings panel. I see really cool teleport effects but don't grind (scroll of fortune - have already made a post about how this should be account wide)/buy them because it is tied to a specific Wizard. I would gladly buy more if I knew all Wizards had access to them! (You can't even move them through shared bank :/)

Aug 20, 2009
I agree with having teleport effects sharable account wide.
I mainly use 1 or 2 wizards for Beastmoon. Often the teleport effect received is more suitable to a wizard of a different school on the account, but it can't be shared.
Please make this adjustment so that teleport effects can be shared account wide.
Thank you.