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Dec 08, 2012
I think it would be neat to have your wizard wear glasses, necklaces, watches, and other accessories. Wouldn't it be neat if you could have your wizard wear additional things such as glasses and a watch or something else? Like, these things can be for appearance only (since this idea is for appearance purposes only). Y'all could pick additional things you'll like to see your wizard wear. You know how you can pick accessories to wear in real life? Well, what if you could do the same for your wizard?

Accessories such as:
A Watch
Glasses (Also Sun Glasses too)
Ear Rings (for girls)
Belts ('cause I love belts)
And other things that I didn't mention...

Would this idea be worth it or would it be just a waste?

Jun 24, 2009
I'd definitely take advantage of this.. It'd add another depth to the game to immerse yourself in and it'd make me feel more like I'm in the game if I'm able to equip my character with glasses like I wear in real life. I definitely do support this and hope it will come to pass that we can use these kind of accessories.

Oct 04, 2009
Ooh I would put glasses on my cause I wear glasses irl.

Mar 07, 2012
Ya, that's a cool idea. I think it should only be like the amulet and ring you wore for stats that show up. Not that i'm saying anything's wrong with your ideas, but, it'll be a lot of work overall.

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 52 theurgist

P.S. A lot of boys get their ears pierced, so the earring could be for both boys and girls. :P

Dec 23, 2010
Yes... and no. Yeah, it'll be cool and everything having all these kinda clothing accessories. But are we going to use them for battle? No. So I personally think it's a waste. I believe it's too complicated. Maybe it'll glitch awhile and cause trouble.. who knows? Wiz101 is centered around battle - not a fashion game. And I really wish KI would slow down a little bit because I'm still trying to catch up the several years I missed when I quit wiz D:

Sep 08, 2013
well remember that this is a wizard game and if you do that people would not even play anymore. they would just hang out in the commons talking about style and fashion i: those non members get bored lol

Nov 14, 2010
Dec 27, 2011
It is a cool idea but I'm not supporting this idea in any shape or form.

Feb 18, 2010
Doubt it... Look at the kinda clothing we have in this game, these accessories wouldn't look good at all... Unless you find some sort of combo. Still, doubt it.

Dec 08, 2012
OK OK, I've heard y'all. I wasn't thinking of the fact that it'll kinda be a waste to actually put these kind of things in Wizard101 since Wizard101 is mainly about battle and fighting and the gear they make is meant for fighting so yea, this idea would be bad. No one else needs to reply to this. I got the message from y'all. Thanks everyone for giving me your opinion!