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About warhammerhead shark

Aug 03, 2014
I love the new fish and I like that you expanded it until the end of august. This partially comes in handy to my point. I picked up all my items in my house, to redecorate, and when I placed my aquariums down I noticed all my fish were there except the war hammerhead shark! Now I did everything to do closed the game, left my house then came back. Now if this is a bug I would like for you to reply immediately. Since it is an epic fish I am having extreme difficulty trying to catch it. If it is a bug could you just fix my account, so I can have my War Hammerhead shark back. Please, please reply

Hello Charles,

I'm sorry you seem to be missing your Warhammerhead Shark. Please send an email to support@wizard101.com with your account and character name so they can help you locate where it may have swam off to.