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A weather machine to be used with the tag games

Jun 28, 2013

First, thank you for the new feature allowing us to open our housing games to the public. This feature makes the game much more fun. My daughter and I have been playing all the housing games for a straight week, taking a break from questing and PVP.

The other day, when I was driving her to school it was very foggy, to the point where I had to drive very slow. visibility was about 15-25 feet tops. My daughter loved it, she thought it was magical. Then a conversation started. What if the housing tag game had a fog feature. After ideas were flowing from both of us, we came up with a housing weather machine. You can change the weather to work in conjunction with the housing games. And it would look pretty cool while playing the game
Here are some examples:

Fog: low visibility all around
Rain: chance of getting hit with lighting and stunned for a few seconds
Snow: you can get SNOWBLIND and everything goes white for a few seconds
Sleet storm: you can slip and go fast uncontrollably
Extreme sunlight: sun in your eyes causes double vision, you see multiple targets

I know the star drops are very similar, but why not post anyway. Can't hurt much to just ask what people think. Thank You

Mark Dragonleaf L84 Storm, L76 Balance, L25 Fire, L20 Life, L10 Myth(warlord)

Jun 22, 2009
I haven't played many of the house games myself but I love these ideas. I think it's really creative and would be a great feature to be added in.

Sep 17, 2012
I like the idea just for the visual effect it could have on a house, but I love how you worked it into the housing games too. That gives the idea a real big added value. Just to add a little more fuel to the fire:

Dust Devil: If hit by one, it sucks you up and randomly drops you to another location of the house.
Sandstorm: Lowered visibility and pushes you in one direction making it hard to move against the wind, and fast to move with it.

Nov 10, 2012
I'd LOVE to have it raining or foggy in my houses! But obviously they'd have to remove it from people using it inside.

Jun 28, 2013
Blau Blitz Wolf on Jun 6, 2014 wrote:
I'd LOVE to have it raining or foggy in my houses! But obviously they'd have to remove it from people using it inside.
well yea,

It would be an outside item only.

Aug 10, 2012
Fantastic idea dude.