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A Restauraunt

Jan 09, 2011
thats a good idea Kingsisle greyrose developers how about you consider this idea

Nov 16, 2008
May 29, 2010
Ambrose122 wrote:
Cathrine87 wrote:
We need a restauraunt. We have so many non-realistic things, that we have to add some real world stuff.

We could:
-Buy food for our pets
-Get food to heal ourselves
-Chat with our friends

What do you think?


I dont mean to put a damper on this but the healing problem is already solved in two different ways and plus i think it would add a little more stress to the game having to get on like three times a day to feed a nonexistent character in order to live and play the game.

I agree. Not everyone is able to get on the game three times a day and having to feed your character three times a day would make the game a little bit boring. Don't you think KI should make it so that you can feed your character when you want to?

May 28, 2009
matinils wrote:
The Grizzleheim Inn!
You can sit down and give your pet a snack.If you order food for yourself you get a part-time health boost or part-time mana boost.You can also rent a small suite if you you don't have enough gold for a home.There would be these "reserved rooms" where only if you are invited you can go in.You could chat with friends in private in these rooms

Hunter Hawksword

How about we put in in the commons actually and change the name to The Wizzy Inn.

Hunter hawksword

Jul 08, 2009

Oh, and maybe we could work there, and every time someone places an order we could do minigames to make the food!

"Mmm...I'd like a Hambrosia please..."

"What?!? But that's like, a rank 9 Recipe!"

Lol, I love that! :D I Agree!

May 22, 2010
Alicia Rosepetal wrote:
A restaurant is a great idea but I have an even simpler one. How about letting us sit down to the tables and on the chairs we put in our houses. I have all this great sitting furniture and all all we can do is run around it.

My poor sundaes can't get eaten...they just sit there in the bowl, looking yummy .

Send a thumbs up to KI if you think this is a good idea .

I actually put the same idea up. So as you might imagine i think is a great idea.

Charles N. Grandmaster Balance.

Hobey Ho!

Jul 27, 2009
Jun 04, 2009