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A request of feature

Mar 10, 2015
I wanted this feature since like 2012. I am thinking some people wanted this as well.

It would be cool to be able to design our own unique wand. I think in the spirit of Xmas give players a in game mini game that lets us design a wand and import it by sending ourselves a gift code. Each player would get one. It would be a good way to win back players after that 700$ mount betrayal.

The design would be a drag and drop of features.

Preset- Staff, Wand, Sword, eye, lance, other

Then we can chose the design features based of a preset and change it’s colour, shape, etc

Likewise allow us to choose a animation preset not locked to the preset. Want to throw the staff like book preset? How about a staff that shoots a laser beem like soothsayer?

Likewise allow us to choose the suffix effect. An explosion like Zeus staff, a flash, a explosion etc.

We would decide the tier of stats determined by kingisle. The stats would have 5 slots.

Slot 1: Damage or Resist
Slot 2: critical or block
Slot 3: number of wand cards hits (6 x1, 2 x 3)
Slot 4: may cast or pick 3 cards (some heal, some damage, some shield)
Slot 5: pierce or stun resist.

Do you guys agree? Would kingisle win back favour of players by doing this or do we just need good gifts for Xmas 13 days of celebration?

Response would be great, LukeShadowThorn

Jan 10, 2012
Choice of wand.
Fire may want, 3 ice wands and 3 fire wands.
Storm may want: 3 myth wands and 3 storm wands.
So wizards craft their wand to suit your school and play style

Cats Meow idea.
"No blade" school wand:
Clears out pesky shields and weakness
without using any of your active school blades.,
Balance could use this one, .