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a new world idea based on the hawaiian island

Jan 29, 2009
ok, so, as you have probably guessed from my screen name, i am from hawaii and i was thinking that a new world based on the islands would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) here an idea on how to get it started-


Headmaster Ambrose- Oh my! So much paperwork! Oh how i wish i could take a vacation, but what would the school do without me?

That voice that reads the actions you do :P (sorry i didnt know what to call it)- You overhear Headmaster Ambrose think aloud.

Headmaster Ambrose- Oh! young wizard, did you overhear me? Oh, forgive me, i was just expressing my thoughts.

That voice- You tell the Headmaster that there is nothing further for you to do and are looking for anything that needs to be worked on (I'm not sure about this idea, if you have any other ideas please post it).

Headmaster Ambrose- Well, thats quite a problem... Well, perhaps, maybe just maybe you could ask all the teachers if they know of any warm, relaxing vacationing worlds.

NEW QUEST: Speak to all the teachers about any vacationin spots.

(I think the quest should only let you talk to the teachers in this order: Professor Greyrose, Professor Balestrom, Professor Moolinda, Professor Drake, um, lol that death student, and the death assistant in nightside, Professor Weathersfeild, and all the other Professor's from krok, and finally Professor Falmea).

Professor Greyrose- Oh why hello there young wizard! A nice vacation spot? Hmm... Oh! yes, the Frost Mountains! I went there a long time ago and i absolutely LOVED it! Of course the tempetures are a bit on the cold side, perhaps the Headmaster would prefer something a little warmer?

That voice- you hear a loud BOOM from the storm school and run towards it.

Professor Balestrom- Oh, perhaps i used to much Frogs Breath... Oh? young wizard dont be alarmed, an experiment i was conducting went wrong a blew up. Oh, a vacation spot? Hmm... Oh! yes! My home town, it is called Lilly Pad Town, its actually made of a lilly pad! My family lives there... There's Miley, Mase, Angie, Laura, George...

That voice- You sneak away while the Storm Professor rambles on and on.

Professor Moolinda- Very nice, just like that! That flower will bloom nicely! Oh why hello there young wizard, you are looking for a vacation spot for the Headmaster? Oh, well, hmm... I'm not sure, Perhaps Mooshu? no, i guess thats too close to home. I'm very sorry, i dont know any vacation spots, send the Headmaster my dearest apologies.

Professor Drake- What! Oh, young wizard i didnt think it was you... I would like to thank you again for helping me defeat my brother. A vacation spot? hmm... There's a small town in a far away world, but i think it was overrun with trolls. Well, i guess that wouldnt be so nice for the Headmster sense he IS trying to take a break.

Malorn Ashton (or whatever that death student in Ravenwood is :P)- Hmm, wow, i'm flatered that you came to me for any inside i have on vacation spots, well I actually do know of a great spot, its the Underworld, its full or ghosts and spookie things, i'm sure the Headmater would love it!

Drowgan (the death guy in night side, seriously, i do NOT know anything about the death school except that their powerful, lol :P)- ITS ALIVE! ITS ALIVE! OH! well, I didnt see you there young wizard. A vacation spot? well, the Underworld of course! Its the best! Oh, so Malorn has already told you about the Underworld, well, i hope the Headmaster likes the idea.

Professor Weathersfeild- Oh? a vacation spot, Marleybone! its the best place in all the spiral! Oh, hmm, so the headmaster wants a little further away from home? well, then perhaps you should ask the Elders in the Krok school.

Alhazred(The balance teacher in krok)- ZZZZZ...ZZZZZ... HUH! Oh, excuse me, i must have fallen asleep again, so you want a vacation spot? well, i have never been anywhere but krok so i have no idea what a good vacation spot would be, perhaps you should ask Professor Greyrose?

Professor Falmea- BURN! BURN! you must feel the burn deep within yourself and let it out! Oh? young wizard, forgive me, i was just giving a lecture on the fire deep inside all pyromancers. A vacation spot forthe Headmaster? well, i suggest Havania( you say it like HA VAN YA :P). Its is a beautiful world and is the best spot for a vacation, i'm sure the Headmaster will love it... hmm, i'm not sure, but it MAY have been overrun with monsters, it has been such a long time sense i have gone there. I got it! you must go to Havania and see what is going on, but keep it a secret, i think it would be best to make this a surprise for the Headmaster... When you get there, speak with Pelia, she will inform you if anything is wrong in Havania.

NEW QUEST: Go speak with Pelia in Havania.

Bartleby- Havania? wow, you have come so far young wizard, good luck!

you make it to Havania and it is NOTHING like you pictured it, it is actually SNOWING! you couldnt even see the sun because the clouds were in front of it.

Pelia- Oh, a young wizard from Ravenwood, Wizard City? i have not seen a wizard in such a long time. If you came here for a vacation, you are 10 years too late. Oh? you dont know? 10 years ago the Goddess of the volcano, PELE, who which i am named after, was taken from our islands and her sister Poliahu, the goddess or snow, took over the islands and sent us into a deep freeze. Almost all of the locals are gone, and no one ever comes here anymore... wait, you couldnt be THE young wizard of Wizard City, the one who defeated the dreadful Malistair? wow, CAN YOU FIND PELE! BRING HER BACK SO SHE CAN TAKE BACK HER ISLANDS?

OK, i'm not out of ideas, but my hands are freezing and i need sleep! lol i hope you enjoyed the first part of my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR LISTENING AND PLEASE POST ANY IDEAS YOU MIGHT HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Keira willowwhisper Lvl.50 Thaumaturge

Nov 16, 2009
This is an awesome and very well thought out idea i really hope KI sees this and likes it :P