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A new world, Doomshu!

Dec 17, 2008
Hey guys, gage4799l again.

I had an idea for a new world. i noticed Kings isle makes a lot of worlds add ons to other worlds. So, i had another cool idea. this time, Moolinda Wu would call you. she would say that her home world is literally turning upside down. its very dark there, and she wants you to investigate.

Later, as you enter mooshu: You see that when you enter the room you see its very dark. outside, you find its like midnight, and you see a full moon. Su lee is standing outside, so you talk to her. she says now that morganthe has turned everyone there to ghosts! ( mean morganthe hahaha ) all the ghosts are controlled by her. you go to chase morganthe, but she runs into the emperors palace. you follow. on the way there, you notice the great moodha statue is missing.

Inside: You see the emperor being turned to a ghost too, but he is different, he is trying to fight it off. he is doing ok, but his strength is failing. Morganthe sees you, and runs away................

Pretty cool so far huh?
The main theme of this place is ghosts. i'm still thinking of ideas for a new school/schools. Anyway, tell me whatcha think guys! i wanna know
Thanks for reading!

Andrew Life garden, legendary life
Andrew Ghost wraith, death level 43
Noah Storm sword, level 29 storm

Nov 04, 2010
First... Doomshu... Mooshu... d ooMshu... seriously?

second... Okay then.


May 11, 2010
May 30, 2009
Feb 07, 2010
SuperSaiyan5000 wrote:
First... Doomshu... Mooshu... d ooMshu... seriously?

second... Okay then.


I agree with the name thing ... But i like the idea of everything turned upside down. Sounds interesting ... Maybe for equiptment you could use your ideas andrew, just a thought.

Taylor RubyDust lvl 60 myth
Amber DragonGem lvl 32 balance

Apr 24, 2010
Dec 17, 2008
Yeah, but this doesn't really gotta do with my equipment thread really. although i might do a thing for equipment later, i don't know yet. something i'll do sometime. And what you guys said how it needs a new name, well, its an add-on to mooshu, so it kinda needs to sound similar. like i wouldn't call a new world for dragonspyre bunnieworld know what i mean?

BTW: look for my equipment thread if ya want

Andrew Lifegarden, legendary life
Andrew Ghostwraith, level 43 death
Noah Stormsword, level 29 storm

Oct 24, 2009
I am sorry if this makes you think I'm not taking it sersily but the name makes me crack up!

Feb 18, 2010
Now that I think about it, the name is pretty funny XD (in a good way) It would be a good candidate for being a death world, but I'm not sure if your idea would be the best one. maybe some kind of undead creature rediscovered this as an opposite to Ms, by reopening a forbidden portal. hmmm...perhaps it could be a wraith trying to steal some kind of powerful artifact for Morganthe, and has to find it in this Doomshu xD feel free to expand on this idea

Dec 17, 2008
Hmm... yea, the idea of something being stolen is a good idea, and pretty interesting. But, wasnt that krokonomicon thing already stolen? i always wondered what happened to that thing lolz. Maybe thats where malistare hid it, and morganthe wants it and when inside to re-steal it? or, maybe we find out she is a good guy, with.... not the best methods. maybe she stole the magic, to help save that krok thing! :D tell me whatcha think!

Jul 09, 2009
Don't really like it and I dont think Morghante would run awayshe isnt a coward, she is a clever coward lol. She'd summon minion to distract you while she turns the emperor into a ghost.

Aaron Drakewalker Level 60

Jun 11, 2010
A dark version of Mooshu? Love it! All it needs is a Balance hat with a Shakespeare refrence and I'm set. I would wear the Headwraps of Much Ado but that's Death only.

May 03, 2011
Apr 12, 2011
Feb 07, 2010
The problen with moderating negetive coments is that people who post absolutely terrible ideas will only hear from people who dont realize how horrible it is, so they continue to think they have a good idea, which they dont. It's actually kind of sad.

Oct 15, 2009
I think Doomshu could work if it were a supplemental area to Mooshu like Wintertusk is to GH.

It seems like most of the terrains people are mentioning in other New World threads are what already in the spiral.

Something I havent seen is an Air Realm. A city, dungeons, temples, etc in the clouds. If you visit the myth school house, there is a rainbow that leads to a small cloud you can stand on. It would be cool to have a whole world with properties like that.

We can swim in the area under Tritan Ave and in Celestia. Along the same lines it would make it even better if we could fly or "float" around once we pass into that world.

All the quests and dungeons would lead the players up a winding path through the clouds full of rainbow bridges and other amazing things in the windy world. As the wizard progresses through the world the sky would be getting darker and darker suggesting the players are getting higher in elevation. The end would eventually be high above the clouds amoung the stars themselves which is where the final battle would take place.

The story or plot of this. I have no idea.

A name?

Idk. Something that has to do with air or clouds: Stratopolis. Stratosville.
Zephyronia. Ventipula. Caerelum

Jan 10, 2011