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A new school

Dec 05, 2008
I think there should be a new school that you can only get when you have a level 20 guy. What happend's is that your a student of Malistare you do a lot of quests then become level 26. After you do all of that and get level 26 Merle comes by with a army of guards and all the teachers and there all battling but, he battles Malistare 1 on 1, he gives you a choice to come with him or not, so you accept it. Then you talk to Merle and then he gives you a quest to go to all the worlds and talk to several people.

The class would be called Dragon, short but simple, basically summon all kinds of dragons. Or you can make your own KI.

From: Daniel Griffin, Thaumaturge, and if it comes to life Daniel DragonTamer, Dragon

Jun 17, 2009
Mar 18, 2009
tracinjd wrote:
this comes to mind when i think of harry potter.

HAHAHA.I think the Harry Potter movie that comes to mind is either Prisoner of Azkaban or Chamber of Secrets.Sorry,off track.This would take a lot of work and time to put in quests and the school,and very unfair to members because they PAY for a year or monthly to get to high levels.