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A new game Part 1

Jan 24, 2009
The time has come x lightning flashes and dramatic music plays x the thing w101 fans have been waiting for x lightning flashes again and music plays faster x the most epic game idea evers DUHN DUHN DUUUUHHHNNNN
Monster Tamer101 (Also monsters from wizard101 will be used as well as newly created monsters) You are a boy/girl coming home from shopping when suddenly you are teleported to another world by the powers of the
Monsters people tame you are offered a starter Monster to serve as a friend to help you stop the notorious Team Skull from stealing them all and using them for notorious and maniacle perposes the monster you are offered are one of 4 attributes Fire which is firecat Water:Mini shark with a flower in a hand earth:scarab Air: A bloodbat
these just set which types are easier to tame using a MonStar (A star which opens and catches the monster if it is weakened then shines brighter then brighter each time when it shines the fourth time it is caught) but there are more attributes say frost, Steel, Drake, Arcane, neutral and Lightning,
When these creature get to a certains level they Monvolve to a new form
the firecat evolves into Firelion then Fire Gryphon scarab, to scorpion, naturally, then to Earth Drake Sharkling (shark with flower) to Sharklo (bigger shark with big fists) to sharkster (gigantic shark with giant jaws giant teeth giant fists) Bloodbat to Blood Owl to Blood Hawk,
2:Teams you can have 4 with you at a time and you can pvp with either one ore two at a time in your home you can switch your party around with monsters you caught when you had a full team (they are teleported to your home if you have a full team and catch one)
Well how do you like it
Part 2 coming soon