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A new dungeon

Jan 21, 2014
Warning! This actually was supposed to be for the rank 10+ spells for the title sorry :P

Here is my idea for +10 rank spells
EX Imp spell 11 pips 90% accuracy. Do 65 damage or 1065 damage
EX Blood bat spell 11 pips 80% accuracy do 70 or 1270 damage
EX Dark Sprite spell 11 pips 85% accuracy heal 65 to self or do 1565 damage
EX Fire Cat spell 11 pips 75% accuracy do 80 damage or 1580 damage
EX Frost Beetle spell 11 pips 80% accuracy do 65 damage or do 1265 damage and stun for 1 round
EX Thunder Snake spell 11 pips 70% accuracy do 105 damage or do 2015 damage
EX Scarab spell 11 pips 85% accuracy do 65 or do 190,,,,, and damage

If you don't like the idea please don't hate :D

May 15, 2009
a couple things

1. the title is a conflict to the content of the thread.

2. the spell cards.. are.. not to be rude, but unoriginal. it's basically just a wildbolt card for every school and the 'EX' reminds me of pokemon which I assume could be the source of the name

Jan 21, 2014
Yea sorry I actually forgot to change the tittle and to be honest I wasn't actually thinking of pokemon when making it. Also I don't really know how to change the title :P