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A new area in wizard101

Jan 21, 2014
My idea is another dungeon but inside of krokotopia. It's located only on Chinese new year in the krokosphinx right next to niles the balance tree is the dungeon. It is in the air floating and the area is called "The Sphinx of the Balance. Niles will have a quest for you on Chinese new year. The quest is called: "The unknown of the desert"Niles will say this "Do you see that floating island over there?", " I don't know what's happening but this island always shows up every Chinese new year.", "Why don't you speak with Alzared maybe he knows". Then you talk with Alzared and he says this "What's this? A floating island you speak of? I never heard such thing!", "OK (wizard) we will go into this floating island." Now you have to go inside of the floating island and it's tower. Alzared will talk to you. He will tell you to go up further. On the second place there is a riddle. Alzared will then talk to you saying "Hmmm a riddle let's read this book to find out what do we have to do." The book says " If , , and is called "Spirit" what is ,,and called. (The correct answer is "Elemental". The next room is a place is where there is HP and Mana. DO NOT collect the red ones blue ones are fine if you touch a red one then a ,a , and a boss will spawn. They are pure to there schools and know balance spells depend on level 25-50=Tough (Sun),Polymorph Gobbler/Dracoian/Cat Bandit, and infallible (Star) Judgment, Scarab ,Lotus Swarm, and Savage Paw and Hydra also has 2250HP each. 50+ same pure spells just more balance spells (Power nova, availing hands, Ra, Chimera, Mana burn, and Supernova. 75+ same pure spells more balance (Sabertooth, and King Artorious.) The final bosses are on the 3rd floor both are balance. One is Elemental Caller and one is Spirit Caller. Elemental Caller has 7,020 HP and so does Spirit Caller. They will only appear if you are level 50+. Elemental Caller has all Balances spells and all fire, ice, and storm spells. Spirit Caller will have all spells in Balance, life, myth, and death. if 3 players join there will be another spirit and elemental caller. They can drop anything that is not a crowns item and elemental drops samoorai (10% chance) spell and spirit drops savage paw (11% chance)

If you do not like the idea please don't hate :D