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A neat boss idea (high level, side boss)

May 16, 2009
So I've had an idea for a sweet side boss lately. For this boss, it would be recommended you are at least level 90. He does cheat. He would be a side boss found in a dungeon with powerful monsters. The instance would be repeatable for more glorious loot if desired. He also knows spells from all schools.

Name: The Old One
Rank 15 Boss
60,000 HP
School: Shadow
Creature Type: Human Ghost
Resist: 50% to all schools but balance
Boosts: 30% Balance
Immune to: Stun & Beguile

Dialogue would be something like this:
- "So this is what the wizards of this age were like, not as reformed and refined as I am."
- "I was once like you, part of the light, but now I am more powerful than you can imagine!"
- "I have mastered all magic schools, you have little chance of success against me."
- "Let's see how the wizards of this age can hold against a wizard of old!"

- "I am more powerful than you can imagine!" Attempting to use negative charms on him trigger this cheat. (including dispels and multi-hit attacks like plague) He casts a unique spell called "Seven Stars" Spells that leave negative charms do not trigger this cheat.
Spell: Seven Stars: Deal 500 ,,,,, & damage to target. (Think extreme hydra or Chimera)
- "You are not refined like I am!" Attacks under 1000 trigger this. He casts a unique spell called "Phase Change"
Spell: Phase Change: 500 + 1200 damage over three rounds & remove all positive charms.
- "Your new age spells are no match!" Casting universal shields and absorbs trigger this cheat. (He doesn't know balance attacks) He casts a unique spell called "Solar Storm"
Spell: Solar Storm: 890 damage to all & remove all positive wards.
- "I'm part of the light too!" Casting a shadow polymorph triggers this. He casts a unique spell called "Gradient Change"
Spell: Gradient Change: Cancel target shadow polymorph and deal 500 damage.

Known Spells(excluding above cheats):
-Storm Lord
-Legion Shield(-35%)
-Handsome Famoori
-Power Link
-Deer Knight
-New Moon : Dispel next outgoing spell.
-Solar Eclipse : Dispel next outgoing enchanted card.
-Black Night : Dispel next outgoing spell.

The boss is meant to be very tough, if people are wondering about the boss's difficulty.