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A list of done quests in backpack!

Mar 31, 2014

A new section in Backpack where we can see all quests we have done and be able to re-read everything, because sometimes I complete a quest and then I'm like what did I just do, it's kind of pointless doing quest after another forgetting what you just did. So we can see all quest dialogs of quests we completed, maybe sorted out by world, etc.

After all we're students so why not help us learn

Another idea is to put history quest dialog and history lore in Ravenwood classroom when we finish the quests, e.g. after doing Dragonspyre history quest we can re-read history anytime at classroom. Of course if all done quests are in Backpack (like I explained above) we don't really need this feature.

Sure I can find some site online which have quest dialogs for all quests but that's on the Internet not in the spiral xd, it's kind of pointless spending hours digging the Internet to re-read quests you done, having that knowledge in spiral would be much more entertaining.


Sep 07, 2010
I like this idea. A Completed Quest Log in the backpack. This would also help when higher level characters are helping lower level characters. They would know where the player they are helping is going next and be able to head to anchor spots or tell them to swing by so-and-so and pick up their quest. I have noticed that a lot of folks don't use Finder properly and some, not at all. They could list the quests in the log in the order in which they are intended to be done (i.e., when a quest becomes active/available) not the order they were actually done. Maybe even color code the quest titles to show main quest line, side quest line #1, side quest line #2, school pet quest or school spell quest. I think this would be a very useful tool. Not just something to relive the quests but also a tool to assist folks when helping others.

May 11, 2011
Wizard101 Central http://www.wizard101central.com/ has all of the quests available, and I often use this website as a guide. Seeing quests completed I think would required too much memory to keep track of for every player in the game. Also, after going through the spiral the first time, I don't even read the Dialogues anymore, but just click through them to get on with the quest. I am not speaking for everyone, but there are many people that may not be so concerned with story as they are going through the game.

The second idea bout the histories I like. There could be a tome near the quest giver and as you find books you can look on the tome and re-read them. This is also helpful when finding the books out of order, like not realizing one was from a side quest and having to go back to find it. Players could then read the stories in order, all at once, instead of in bits and pieces.