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A Letter to KI

Jul 17, 2009
Dear KI,
Please read and take time to talk and think about what I have to say. Wizard101 is a game that I started to play with my family, but they have lost interest due to how long and challenging it got. You might want to think about making it easier to know what the main quest lines are, and tone down how long things take. We understand that optional dungeons and the like should be harder than mainline, but mainline needs to be something even the kids want to play. Not all wizards have open chat and can accept friend requests. Remember parents can restrict it..
There is a reason Wizard 101 has gotten awards- gaming at the best, meant for families, kids and adults.
A few ideas: don't focus on new pets being hybrids and hatching only, but don't take away from those that love that feature. Give them the added bonus with spells and stuff, but don't forget about us who just want more pets. Give us more pets in the shops in the game (noncrown and crown), houses, furnitures, and decore. Stop "upgrading" spell graphics and give us new stronger ones. If a level 50 life wizard casts the fairy minion, it should be stronger than it was when the life wizard was a level 10, same with any school minion. You can have the teacher give them a new spell card.
The longer you keep players interested, and the longer you can keep families playing together the more money you will make. And isn't that what you want? It also means you guys need to listen and when reasonable impliment some of our idea's. You wouldn't have your success if not for us, the players. There is a need for games like this. I'm pretty sure all the MMO's that have eventually closed have done so because they stopped listening to the gamers and focused on the hardcore gamers and forgot about the many more causual gamers. You can please both, optional dungeons, optional permanent helping hencemen (companions) are all ways to help. Someone who would rather play alone might love the idea of three companions they buy in the crown shop to assist them, and someone who wants to only play with live wizards wont need them. But it's a great idea to have them.
Thanks for reading.

Feb 26, 2012
Sep 19, 2013
We should be getting a new spell soon, most people think it will be at level 108. Hatching isn't focused only on hybrids, hybrid pets are just a fun little thing to collect. Hatching is focused on getting better talents for your pet. Minions shouldn't get any stronger, you get a much better one at level 75, and minions tend to mess up your traps anyway. We already have minions, they are like companions, and three companions... oh god no. It would be impossible to trap at all. Methinks you are from Pirate101.

Aug 20, 2011
Nice letter.

Your concept is right on, you don't always have to pave new highways, sometimes you need to spend some real time fixing the potholes.

I agree, maybe what Wiz101 needs isn't giant new spells and flashy new pets and new stackable bundles, but improvements on features like menu chat, emotes, naming controls, as well as an honest revision of the PvP and Derby systems. I also think you're right about losing the game by catering too much to hardcore players. Call me crazy, but I think players should get bimonthly public updates on what the developers are dreaming up, instead of a last minute note after big changes are already rolling out. That way players can speak up before KI spends all the time and money on big updates. There needs to be a focus on capturing and restoring customer trust, which in turn would give business a boost.

Nov 10, 2012
Jan 13, 2013
Jan 24, 2010
Nicely put. Thanks for expressing the thoughts of so many wizards throughout the Spiral :)