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A hall of bagdes, Wizards can list all theirs

Jun 28, 2013

I know some wizards don't care about the badges. however, some care about them like me. I like to complete my badges. At this point, the only way to let someone know what accomplishments you did is showing them one at a time. I feel like I did a lot of work and I can now really show it.

I was thinking about some sort of "HALL OF BADGES" It can be set up in the commons, and you can register your badges. there if you click on someone, then you can see what they have. I know it has to be limited. do it like the housing tours, a minimum of X badges to enter (depends on your level). and it will only stay listed for a week. there can be top contenders, just like the tours. except there is no voting, your hard work is what counts. the one with the most badges will be on top. It can be done according to your level, this way even low level wizards have a chance to be on the list.

Please post feedback

Mark Dragonleaf L82 storm

Nov 10, 2012
Even if this is a small add on, it still seems like a wonderful idea.