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A few suggestions for Wizard 101

Jun 04, 2008
Hey folks, just wanted to throw out a few suggestions my family and I had about the game. My family and I love the game and think you are all doing a fantastic job with it! Keep up the good work!

Ok, first one is the price of dying crown gear. It's fantastic that when I outgrow my crown gear I can pass it on to another character that is lower level and able to use it , but here is the hitch; I send all my level 15 crown gear I bought on my Death Wizard to my level 14 Life Wizard and when he hits 15 he will look like a death wizard... Well, I go to dye the outfit to match the colors of my Life Wizards school and it's like 3k to dye a pair of shoes!
Seriously, does the cost to dye crown gear need to be quite so dramatic? I mean after all it is only colors....

For that matter why does it cost so much for some colors vs others? Some schools seem to be getting penalized due to the cost of their particular schools colors (those most commonly associated with the school). In my mind, and my family's minds, this is unfair to the player base as the colors of the clothing(armor) you wear should not be a status symbol to show off how much gold you have.

Next on my list of possible improvements would be the nifty area effect "bubbles" that Wizards can cast. Like the ones that add +25 to Myth spells , Life spells ect. ect. They are very cool don't get me wrong, but they do tend to be a bit excessive graphically. I can't count the number of times that one of those spells has gone off in a fight and when my turn comes around I have lost my cursor in the graphic chaos. It is a little frustrating, Soooo... my suggestion is that instead of a big "bubble" for the effect, why not just tone it down a bit to just the ground circle with the spiffy flame type graphics and no over head clutter? That particle effect is a bit much and makes it easy to lose your cursor. You would still have a very dramatic effect going on and it would make it far less likely that you would loose your cursor in the clutter of the graphics.

Next would be the names of some of the items in Wizard 101. There are items named "sword" that are actually hammer type items, or axes. There are items named "Cowl" that are not hoods , but in fact helmets or caps. I know this seems like a petty gripe, but when you are trying to expand your child's vocabulary it becomes difficult to do when you have inconsistencies in the definitions of different types of items and the actual pictures representing the item in question.

One thing my wife has been very vocal about is the AI for the sprite guardians and how they are entirely too preoccupied with casting spells on just themselves and throwing out guiding lights on wizards that generally can not even cast a healing spell on anyone but themselves. They cast damage spells when party members obviously could use some help with their health and constantly break traps set up by others or the owner of the minion. By and far I do have to agree that in allot of instances this particular minion is fairly useless in a fight. (My wife removed her's from her deck out of frustration) .

Another thing is the Silver Chests that you have the little puzzle to solve to get the prize in the box. I have encountered a few of these since playing and can honestly say the rewards for solving the puzzle seem a bit ... unimpressive... 90% of the time you get a few gold coins, with the other 10% being a few gold coins and a treasure card. A larger selection of random items as a reward for solving the puzzle box would be nice.

Last one, I promise!

Cosmetic outfits , There's nothing more frustrating then finally getting that perfect outfit for your Wizard with just the look you want, only to lose it in a few levels when you have to upgrade your gear. A "Cosmetic" way to display the old outfit that you liked the look of over the new gear would be nice. Many games have implemented this type of "wear this outfit, while you actually show this one" type of cosmetic appearance feature and I believe that Wizard 101 would also benefit from such a system.

Well that's about it for now. These are just a few ideas that me and my family came up with while playing Wizard 101 and I am sure we will come up with more as time goes by :)

Please feel free to comment on our suggestions, just remember they are only "suggestions" that we thought would be nice.

May 02, 2009
Okay, this is for the special outfits, like the Ninja Pig facebook outfit.

Now, I'm not a facebook fan, nor do I really go on facebook, but I think it would be nice to have the Ninja Pig outfit to also be availible on Halloween.

Since it is a costume, wizards could look like a Ninja Pig, since it is a pretty popular pet.

Sure it might cost a few crowns, but it would be pretty cool.

All other special items, like maybe even a firecat or frost beetle outfit would be cool.