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A Few Spell Ideas

May 11, 2010
I Only Got Three

Myth: Attack of Anglers: Deals 300 and 1000
An Angler Thug Walks In front of you. He waves his hand and then he screams. Then a whole bunch of Angler Thugs with weapons appear and the First one takes one of his friends weapon and a little laser comes out and hits you. That deals 300. Then the swarm of them jump around you and start moving until it deals 1000 damage.

Storm: Fishing Trip: Deals 1000 Damage to 2 random enemies
It shows an old man fishing on a doc and suddenly something pulls away his fishing rod. He looks in the water and then a giant Kraken arm comes out and pulls him in. After a few seconds both of the Kraken's arms grab 2 random enemies. It swishes them in the water for a little bit and lets go once it does 1000 damage.

Death: Malistaire's Wrath: Deals 1,250 Damage Divided To enemies, 625 Healing Divided to Allies.

It shows Malistaire (as normal) With his wand. He is about to smash it on the ground to do damage when suddenly he dies. It speeds up time until his flesh melts away and turns him into Undying Malistaire. After that He smashes his wand on the ground to deal 1,250 damage Divided to the enemies of your choice. Then He turns Around and smashes his wand on the Ground to Deal 625 Healing Divided to The enemies of choice.

Lvl 77 Wizard (Don't know why I added this)

May 11, 2010
I meant Allies of choice on the Malistaire's Wrath at the healing part XD

Aug 30, 2014