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A few more Extra dungeons!

Dec 20, 2009

I had an idead to make Extra dungeon's in places like Wizard City and Mooshu.So we can have more Fun and Variety to each World.I have an Idea for every World and tell me if the dungeons are nice idea.

WC Dungeon-The Drain System

Sergeant Anderkin-Wow These Drain Systems are Huge!To Stop the flooding of the entire City we need to close the flood gates.There are a total of Two Floodgates each one should be guarded by whatever is causing this!then go into the master Water Source to turn of the pumps

On the way to the First Gate you take a teleporter and there are only one enemy and a Walking boss[Not required]

Earth Troll
Rank 2 elite
Spells:Natural Attack,Lifeblade,Life Trap,Leperchaun,Imp,Nature's Wrath, and Troll
Looks:Like a Troll but covered in Dirt and Moss
Drops:Random Not so Good Gear

SkyMaster Cyclops
Rank 3 Boss
Spells:Natural Attack,Stormblade,Storm Trap,Thunder Snake,Lightning Bats,Storm shark,Lightning Strike,and Cyclops
Looks:Like a Cyclops with a Golden Hat with Purple and Yellow Armor
Drops:All Level Fifthteen Blades

then past the gate into the control room is a boss

Inferno Golem
Rank 3 boss
School Fire
Spells:Natural Attack,Fireblade,Fire Trap,Fire cat,Fire Elf,Sunbird,and Magma man
Looks:Iron Golem
Drops:A Iron Golem Treasure Card and a Level Ten Balance and Death hat.
Minion:Chaotic Skeleton

You Close the Gate and Port to outside the room

Sergeant Anderkin-Good now take this other Teleporter to the other Area
over there and Kill the other one guarding the Other Control room

You move to the Other area and ther are only one enemy and another Walking Boss

Chaotic Skeletal
Rank 3 elite
Spells:Natural attack,balacneblade,Hex,Scarab,Scorpian,and Locust Swar,
Looks:Skeletal Warrior with Gray Armor
Drops:Random not so good gear

Undead Elf King
Rank 3 boss
Spells:Natural attack,Deathblade,Curse,Dark Sprite,Ghoul,banshee, and Vampire
looks:Like a Elf with Death Color's
Drops:Skeletal Pirate Pet

Inside the room another boss

Chillwood Treant
Rank 4 Boss
Spells:Natural Attack,Iceblade,Ice Trap,Tower shield,Ice Beetle,Frost Snake,Evil Snowman,Ice Wyvern,and Treant
Looks:Like Oakheart but with snow covered Leaves
Drops:a Nature's Wrath and Evil Snowman Treasure Card and Random Ice,Fire,Storm Gear
Minion:Earth Trolls

Sergeant Anderkin-Good Job your Starting to impress me no take this teleporter to the Pump Room

In the Pump room there is one boss and with another Chillwood Treant Boss
with another hundred life

Magmalord Sunheart
Rank 5 boss
Spells:Natural Attack,Fireblade,Fire Trap,Fire cat,Fire Elf,Sunbird,Meteor Strike,and Magma man
Looks:Like Vladmir Darkflame
Drops:Dragon's Boot of the Eternal it gives a Two Nature's Wrath and One Evil Snowman card and some Other Stats univeral Stats and Random Seven Day Mounts both very low chances like 5% each

Sergeant Anderkin-Go to Ambrose and tell him that you saved the city from Floods and even more Mayhem!

I will post More Tommorow!