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A few Cosmetic Suggestions/Ideas

Aug 29, 2010
Just some things (mostly visuals) I think would be cool to add to the game that I thought of while playing around with my new character.

- A lot of the players that are playing now are mostly the kids who grew up on this game, it might be a cool idea at a certain level you can choose to be a more "Grown-up" wizard player model. It'd be cool to have that option to have that character grow up with you as many of the older players have. I do understand that would take a very long time and a ton of work to rework the player model though.

-Some more eye-popping outfits, I like the new outfits the game has to offer, but being an excitable concept artist myself, I find myself seeing all the new outfits details getting muddled. I don't know what kind of armor I would suggest but just something, fresh?

-How about adding a Villains outfit pack to add Malistaire's original robes and many others. Just more Malistaire stuff in general, like a house guest of his original self (unless that's already a thing and I just never noticed)

-I find myself wanting more wigs for my character as there hasn't been many since their introduction, along with more hair options in the new mirror concept. A good example is the Manticore wig, I'd love for that to be a permanent addition to the mirror and have it as my main character's permanent hair to go with hats.

-More themed Clothing and Wands, My main is a death wizard and loves to show it, but i only know a handful of "Extreme school pride" robes and clothing that I could use. A cool reference idea for Death would be an Open dragon skull helmet/hat that shows the players face and hair that turns into a nice robe.

I mostly like small cosmetic things that add some whimsy to the game and lore to my own characters, sorry if this came off as being unappreciative and me going: I want I want I want. I genuinely love this game and would love to see these things soon!