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A Duel Satus for Questing???

May 13, 2009
Hey everyone!

I was questing one day and found it rather annoying that people would never join when I need help, but when I'm perfectly fine alone, someone joins in and make the duel even longer...so I came up with an idea!

What if there was a status that you could choose to float over your head (or even the dueling circle) that would let others know from first glance if you want help or not?
This could even be like a thin lining around the duel circle that would light up green (or red) when you want or need help from others.

I'm not sure if KI would do this, but I kind of like the idea myself...it would make communicating much easier so that people would not have to yell at others passing by for help...

Mar 12, 2013
This would be nice.

I know people will say "go to a quieter realm if you don't want battle hoppers" but as to the other problem, it really would be handy to let people know that you need to collect a lot of something from the mobs and they should join.

Especially in Zafaria. Please, please join and stay so I can process the maximal lion count every fight.

Jun 01, 2009
Very good idea! also, there should be an option to like, turn on solo or not. Like if you really want to solo something and are afraid someone else will join, you could just hit an option and it would not allow people to join your battle.