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A couple of ideas (5)

Aug 05, 2009
I forgot all about them. Lol. Anyway, here are my ideas this time:

A new way to earn crowns: So when you get to lvl 60, ambrose calls you and says for my next challenge, you need to ask zeke where to find calis the caller. He says in ms crimson fields. When you go there he disappears. Then Ambrose says he needs 10,000 gold to proceed. Then a training point. Then you gotta defeat mithraya. She says to find her sister and defeat her. Her siter has 29,000 and cheats the same as her.

Ambrose then says he needs 5,000 gold and 3 fortify cards. When you give them to him, he says to defeat mithraya again. Then she drops 10,000 crowns.

You can do that quest 3 times, but the sister gets 14,000 more health every time.

Another idea: advanced housing: So here the idea. Lets say i think my house needs a different sky or place. To change sky is 10 house points, and to change place is 55. To get house points, you need to play house mini games. Here they are:

Find it: They tell you to find a certain item. 5 levels, 1 point gain per level. (5 xp)

Whats different? You gotta find whats different about your house. 3 lvls, 3 points per lvl beaten. (3xp)

Catch them!!: You chase a mouse throuhg your house and you gotta catch it. 2 level- 2 points per lvl ( 7 xp)

Stay away!!: Same as mouse game except you the mouse. (1 xp)

You can also give your house materials, which like pet snacks.

Here are house ranks:

New little house

Great little house

Old big house

Nice big house

Run down mansion

Fine mansion

Master mansion

. When you gain a rank, you auto get a couple of house points and it adds a little more outside and an extra room.

New little house, 25 xp needed, gives 10 house points.

Great little house, 90 xp needed, gives 25 house points.

Old big house- 195 xp needed, gives 59 house points.

Nice big house- 305 xp needed, gives 100 house points.

Run down mansion- 555 xp needed, gives 205 house points.

Fine mansion- 800 xp needed, gives 475 house points.

Master mansion- 1555 xp needed, gives 1,000 housing points.

Here what else you can do with housing points:

You can exchange for arena tickets. 1 arena=1 house point

You can add a room. Tiny room 26 points, little room 79, big 167, giant 333.

You can add more outside. 1 wizardfoot= 4 house points.

And next week hopefully ill post number 6.