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A couple ideas (series 2, no. 1)

Aug 05, 2009
Here my ideas here:

You should be able to send mail so people can view, but this would be moderated.

Lets say your in a battle. There would be added buttons if you need help. One is call global, call everyone in your realm to help. If someone sees your signal on there new i ----, and they could help you. Another thing is they could call all your friends only your i thing would flash if you did this your friends would. Also, due to feedback in real life from my true friends and my friends on game, i will do series 2 the old way.

That was just a quick post. Sincerely,

Rogan blue breeze
Matthew bluehunter
Sam. Bear
Mason skullcloud
Fred sky talon

Ah.... everything is possible.... or so we are told........ if everything is possible then it gotta be possible for everything to be possible.... oh, so confusing..........