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A couple ideas (s2, p3)

Aug 05, 2009
Lets start with the spells your school will get, and then ill say the quests.

Storm; Fendmole: A little mole appears then his eyes get big and crazy and he throws a shield near you, and makes a turret near the enemy: Fortify 15%- for 2 turns, in 2 turns attack 2300 damage.

Fire: Offensive combat: A general appears and then tries to defeat the fire oni. He succeeds, and then he suddenly sees oni's and onis surrounding him. He then throws the oni sowrd at one, who falls down on the enemy, and he gives you a sword. 45%+ fire damage for next 3 rounds, in 3 rounds do(not a dot, just do it in future roundss none of them DoT) 2000 damage+ put one negative blade from self on target.

Ice: Frozen slave: A hardworking slave hits the target, then he disappears and gets whipped, and then you come in to the circle and beat him up. Next round, 1400 damage to an enemy, put weakness on all enemies and before that a fortify on you.

Balance: Court: A judge appears and makes the other side guilty. Next round, 1555 damage to all enemies and before that put blade (5%+ to next atatck) to self

Death: Underworlds wrath: Thi roundd, 1300 damage to an enemy convert half to health, take 2 traps on self and put it on target.

Life: Damaging tears: A little dryad appears and starts trying. That heals your team 540 each. Then 730-999 damage to all enemies next round

Myth: 100+ 1000 damage to an enemy, + summon a special minions in 4 rounds:

1,701 health

Spells: Storm shark, stormzilla, mythzilla, firezilla, fire blade, myth blade, ice blade, ice wyrven, blade storm, weakness, minotaur, spirit blade, spirit trap, mega taunt, tower shield, ghoul, vampire, fairy, treant, centaur, and myth trap.

And ill continue with world story next week. For now... meet me on sunday 5 pm if you answer the riddle and meet me near blad raveneye at vampire realm....

Answer to the riddle: I do what you can, but lightly like it, like ice i have shields, like life i can heal but lightly, I scale all of you out, complaints about me are severe, but in pve, i help allot.

Who am I? (type/school.... hint hint)