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A couple ideas (s2, p2)

Aug 05, 2009
So today only a couple ideas lol. So one of them is that when your gardening your rewards are not random they based on how you grew the plant.

Another idea is to be able at the begining to choose hieght, width, longer feet/arms, etc. Another idea is to be able to turn into your pet actually, a life sized piggle, lets say. That would be cool.

Thats all the ideas, but read on!!

From now on on all ym posts of a couple ideas, ill be posting a riddle and if you meet me at a ccertain time, (this week tuesday 6 pm golem court realm wu eastern time)

You will get a prize here the riddle:

Name 2 paradoxes. Hint: Look down.

Ah.... everything is possible.... or so we are told........ if everything is possible then it gotta be possible for something to be impossible.... oh, so confusing..........

Feb 22, 2009
Paradox 1: I am a liar.

Paradox 2: What would happen if an unstoppable force hit an immovable object?

Think about these....

Aug 05, 2009
Oreocat: Yes those are 2. Just plz post your wizard's name and school and meet me at the time listed in my first post.

Jun 09, 2009
Paradox 1: The spear that breaks anything vs. the unbreakable shield.

Paradox 2:
The statement below is true.
The above statement is false.

Aug 05, 2009
Here my next ideas for today:

Ideas for new plants:

A plant with 3 hammers sticking out, hardbush

A plant that shows a little pond in the middle, waterweed

A plant thats waers a hat, hatreed

A season plant that reflects the season where kingisle is, seasone

Another idea is in your house you have a place where you can sell things and people can buy them and some items would be labeled "no homestore".

Another idea is for a whole new feature is this. Lets say you join up a neighborhood, with has been suggested by others. You could choose go to war with anothother neiborhood and you would meet and here the way you fight: First part is you would release monsters and other team has to defeat all yours. The team that defeats the other teams monsters get t go first. Then you would all go into a dueling circle and the team that won got to go first. Finally, your paired up and first 1v1. Then the people that won there battles go into a special dueling circle again. Then they go 1v1 and you keep repeating these steps until there only one pair remaining and they fight. Then the team that wins that battle would get about 10,000 gold depending on how easy it was and some items.

The question, which the eople who answer right will meet thursday 6 o clock eastern time where gloria krendall is at unicorn realm.

Q: If you had 976/1000 health and someone hit you with a satyr but the person who used it had infection on him and then you got hit with an imp that did a hundred damage and then got health with a minor blessing and then got hit with a sunbird that did 355 damage, how much health would you have?