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A couple ideas (p4,s2)

Aug 05, 2009
Hello. This will be one of my last a couple ideas (or any posts) at least for a while, because my sub is ending on the 18th, and i not renewing it for a while. Ill finish the world idea today:

So, continuing with the prequest:
Young wizard, the libern people need help!! In order to get the dark and light keys, you will need to fight ambrose's evil brother and gamma's malfuncting creation.

Ambro (ambroses brother)
111/10,111 health at first turn
School is all
Cheat is he uses rebirth all of the first 3 turns, takes no pips, the next turn he puts 5 45%- global shields on him, and here some other cheats: What the alpha? if you use like efreet and feint he says that because they alphabetically next to each other and he puts a 100%- shield on himslef. Lets get together and go! If you have 5 blades of the same type on you, you auto get defeated and he gains 100 health.

Gamma: 8,000 health
doesnt cheat, but always has a 30%- fortify on him.


How is radar an acronym?