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A couple ideas (final one)

Aug 05, 2009
So, here the final a couple ideas:

If they do make candy land a world, here some spells i reccomend for it....

Storm: Stinger of the seas: A iant clam comes out, then a slightly smaller one comes out of its mouth, and so on till its microscopic. You then see a tiny scorpion, and the scorpion steals one blade from each enemy. Then the clams get giant and they attack the enemy, 1500 damage.

Fire: Playing with fire: A group of princes die in a fire, but there princes of fire, so their fire spirits come out and one of them turns orange fire and removes shield from first enemy, the second one turns blue fire and does 500 damage to the second one, and the third one turns white fire and does 880 damage to third one.

Ice: Caverns of the frozen sea: The battle field all of a sudden turns into the frozen sea in emperors retreat. Time passes fast so eevrything dies and then as time passes you o down to the bottom and you see ice caverns. A group of swordfish with the sword things made out of ice come out, and the tiniest one put a 60%- shield on you, and the leader strikes the enemy with a sword, doing 850 damage.

Balance: Scale the pail: So jack and jill appear and when it ets to the part where jack comes rolling down and breaks his crown, jack throws a baseball at you lol and jill throws a pail at you and as they coming, they both get faces and attack 800 to all enemies.

Death: Gramp the vamp: So a grandpa greets the enemies with a scowl and anger, and he sucks some health. Then he greets you with a smile, and gives it to you. 700 damage to all enemies,+ convert 5/8 to health.

Life: Dust bust: field appears with delecious fruit. Figures that look like the enemies appear on the battle field and try to grab some, but the dust and locust get them first. 700 damage to all enemies, heal 250 to all on your team (your team gets the fruit).

Myth: Boosted attack: A general apears and puts a myth blade on you and 2 myth traps on opponents. Then he sends weak troops to do 200 damage, and then sends strong troops to do 700 damage to all enemies + summon a medusa minion(note this minion is meant for buffin and shielding you, it never uses these spells on it self): Myth blade, myth trap, myth trap all enemies, control on to you (you see medusa cards in her hand and if you say yes she uses it) and taunt she has 1,000 health.

The plot should be like ambrose calls you and says he has a message from gryrose, who was captured and it at golem tower. When you get to the top (there are harder enemies and for this alone it doesnt have to be solo) You have to fight shy canes 1,400 health each and every balance spell except for shields no resist but 25%+ boost. If you defeat them she says, thank you. But if you want the spiral key to candy land (cl lol) you will need to prove your strength. She summons gobbler infantry and candy ghost. They have 2,000 health each and are both ice. If you defeat them, she gives you the key and you talk to ambrose. Well? Have you got the key? Oh, good. Meet gamma in the cane chaos park. When you get there he tells yu the enemies here are far superior anything. What greyrose brought isnt what you will fight. PROVE YOUR SELF IN BATTLE! He summons reaalm monsters here, with 3,550 health each. They cheat by usin tower if you use a 1 pip spell.If you defeat them he says, ok. You are worthy. Then he asks you to explore ginger road. The rest is up to kingsisle..... Bye, and here is the last question: Make these actual words:
tmb wck mds

Hint: Add vowls.


"Remember me and smile, for its better to forget then remember me and cry."