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A couple ideas (9) + 10!!

Aug 05, 2009
Ok so as you see, i am doing double, as my a couple ideas (9) did not come out. First i want to ask people if they like the way i did 1-3 a couple ideas better or the way i do it now. Now to the ideas.
Well, ill start with the a couple ideas from 9. Here they are:
Battling with pets: Its like pvp wiht pets, and the ets would have a percentage of your stats:

Baby, 25% of health, 20% of mana.
Teen, 34% of health, 30% of mana.
Adult, 49% of health, 50% of mana, 5% of resist.
Ancient, 51% of health, 50% of mana, 10% of critical, 20% of resist
Epic, 89% of health, 93% of mana, 25% of critical, 49% of resist.

Now for a couple ideas 10:

Control of them!!: When your storm, you get some quests so that you can transform into a storm spell monster every 10 hours. If your fire the same. If your ice the same. If your any school its the same for your school. Another idea is that if your fire, you get a little flame aura. If your life, a litte leaf aura. It is also based a little on your side school. If lets say your fire and star, it would be a flaming star aura.

Arrange it: Lets say you want to meet your friend's other wizard instantly. It is only available on the tab for friends. Your friend has to agree to the change. Then you both pick a wizard on each ones account and they auto become friends.

New types: New types of equipment: Gloves, pockets (backpack expansion) and socks.

Combine: Lets say you want to combien to make a better hit. You can but together lets say hydra and judgement to make this card:

Chain power: 50 Damage per pip of each of elemental schools power+ heal 200 to self.
Or helephant and imp for:

Fire's anger: Heal 500 to self and 500 damage to all.
Or ra and storzilla:

Sun storm: 800 damage to all.

Or last but not least, fire cat and efreet:

Morganthe: Take away 75% of health. This activates all shields and no blades. Take away 50% Of what you took away from target.