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A couple ideas (8)+(4)

Aug 05, 2009
So, for no. 4 which never came into the message boards, its about spells and quests. Here a quest i made up:
Ambrose says in the mysterious world of future and past there are many tests. When you get there you see a boss =, temisses, who has 3,900 health and cheats in many ways. If you defeat him, he takes you to pestiss, who has 5,700 health and uses a sprites that heals 670 every turn every round and weaknesses. If you defeat them, he takes you to fusteriss, who has 9,001 health and gains 10 health every round and cheats. If you defeat him, he takes you to the umbra queen, who yu need to fight 3 times. The first time she has 2,000. The second 20,000. And the third, 33,000. If you defeat her, you go back to ambrose and get the following things:

Hat of there: 207+ health, 400+ mana, 30+ percent power pip chance, 45% resist to your school, 30%+ power to your school, and a card that fully resists attacks to your school on the hat.

Wand of wands: 45+ critical chance, 2 power pips, and 145 damage of your school.

You also get a card:

Storm: Seal eal: A giant seal comes. It eats a couple of eletric eels and breathes electricy at all enemies. 1000 damage to all, and remove one blade from all.

Fire: Higher light: A king appears and he bursts into flame. A few seconds later the fire turns all red and the king's face can be seen. Suddenly, he spits fire at targets. 1010 damage to all, 345 damage to self.

Ice: Cold desire: A princess appears and has a child, The child suddenly grows old and and causes it to hail on target. 925 damage to target, put a tower shield and ice blade on self.

Myth: Masterful stare: A rich person appears and spends all his money. He suddenly dies and the picture goes to his tomb. A giant eye is there and emits rays at all targets. Destroy all blades, 950 damage to all, and put 15%+ blade to next myth attack on self.

Death: Mouring orphans: Princes appear and there father and mother die. Then the ghosts of them grow giant, look at the orphans, the orphans eyes turn red and steal energy from al targets. 754 damage to all, convert half to health.

Life: Morning birds: A pack or birds appear and heal your team and attack the opponent. 675 damage to all, heal 600 to all on team.

Balance: Super struggle: A gang apears and punches all targets. 875 damage to all, stun all enemies for 1 round.
My other idea is that we should be able to leave notes to other people while there offline.