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A controversial idea ;/

Mar 10, 2015
as we all know the crown shop is a thing. Well many games offer an option to buy stuff with in game currency (crowns), but also by farmable tokens.

These would be called mana tokens. These tokens can also be used to stitch.

Mana tokens would have a drop chance from most mobs, with higher chance of bosses and higher chance the harder the world. The chance would be roughly 0.1 in wiz city- 10% in empyeria part 2. As new worlds are added these chances would depricate like all stats.

Think of this as Script from pirate101. There would be a vendor with random shop sections rotating daily, weekly, monthly. The sections would very in cost from items that corespondent to common- ultra rare.

Daily: would show regents, tc, and common junk, and weaker pets. It could include the weak or just cosmetic gear such as hair styles.

Weekly: these would show uncommon- rare crown items, reagents, and sometimes spells ( weak ones)

Monthly: monthly are the cost heavy items. Think 20-50K script weapons from pvp vendors in pirate. These would have ultra rare, spells, highly rare regents, and gear from crown packs.

Cost of things.

Daily: being equal to about 1-2 packs would cost roughly 400-800 mana tokens.

Weekly: being equal to normally 3-8 packs. Would cost roughly 1500-8000 mana tokens (based on items)

Monthly: being equal to 10-40 packs. Would cost roughly 10-70k mana tokens. (Based on item rarity)

Nov 22, 2015
A better idea would be to allowing stitching with gold, just making it more expensive.

Mar 10, 2015
Maybe but I am addressing the larger issue of pay-to-win. Making stitching for gold is long over due. But it is not a big priority because appearance despite being preferred is not game breaking.

Many of my chars look like a Halloween costume gone horribly wrong. The cash shop is really pay to win which is fine at its current cost. I proposing an alternative.

As I can afford to get membership I can not normally get packs. Unless their really op and worth the cost. I know many players who are university students with large bills do not have the $ to pay 10-15$ on a pack and have it give sand, tc and some bad pet marketers stuck inside it.