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A Cold Heart,.. not cold enough?

Aug 16, 2010

I am posting today in regards of what I believe is a (not so)major fault in the statistics of the Cold-Hearted gear of Darkmoor in comparison to the other school's gear. Kingsisle, I am communicating this message to you.

In particular, it is the ice gear's Global Resistance stat. that I believe is not 'up-to-par' in comparison to the other level 100 Darkmoor gear's resistance stats. From what I understand, the School of Ice represents a more 'defensive' wizarding style and therefore results in Ice wizards having low-base damaging spells and expactantly higher resistance stats such as high block rating and (even more so) high GLOBAL RESISTANCE stats. On the other hand, wizards of the Storm School are expected to have these stats in vice versa (low(er) resistance and high damage stats).

The above statement then leads me into my argument that the Malistaire's Flux gear, as well as a few other school's Darkmoor gear , has too high of resistance in comparison to the Cold Hearted gear. While the storm gear has a global resistance of 32%, the ice gear has 42% global resistance. Now, you may argue that a difference of TEN PERCENT is more than decent of a difference, especially for these two schools. However, although this argument may be correct, one who makes this argument is not looking at the whole picture at-hand. Storm and other high damaging schools have average-total damage stats of about 67% damage, only by which ice (base-wise) is 42% resistant to. This leaves the opposing schools almost THIRTY PERCENT of a base damage boost.

My proposal is when the next Wizard101 update comes that Kingsisle will grant the Cold Hearted gear a 3-5% global resistance boost (NOT per piece but to the total %).

Cody Frostblood

(P.S., other wizards, if you have any thoughts on the matter, please comment politely and I will listen with open ears! Thanks!)

Nov 12, 2013
If you hadn't noticed let me point out that darkmoor gear has NO flaws whatsoever:

-You can't fizzle
-You get massive amounts of pierce
-You get massive amounts of critical
-You have very high global resistance

The problem KI created through darkmoor is that everything is perfect, hades tier 1 gear has everything except accuracy and pierce, which left it lacking. I understand we're exalted wizards, but nothing is balanced anymore. Ice's base resistance from the clothing alone should be around 45%-48% and storm's should be 30%. This reason is that the massive amounts of pierce storm gets bridges the gap between the 2 schools, this should not happen. Especially since you see the majority of storm wizards walking around with 100%+ damage, while ice is merely at 60%-70% at best and fire, with the second highest damage, is STRUGGLING to even get to 90%. Not including shrike, 50%PIERCE FOR WHAT? Luckily storm's spells lack strategy which puts the other schools at an advantage, regardless it's still a pain.

Hopefully when my ice wizard gets to this point, things will be different.

Sep 07, 2011
You've overlooked the huge health difference between schools. Ice wizards are typically over 6000 health while storm struggles to reach 4000. That plus the resist difference is an enormous advantage for survival, and ice gets multiple shields, stun, and other defenses besides.